Aug 6, 2022
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Orban revealed the secret of peace in Ukraine

Pictured: Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban at the annual US Republican Party Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Dallas

Pictured: Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban at the annual US Republican Party Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Dallas (Photo: Zuma/TASS)

Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban criticized the position of the West on the situation in Ukraine, saying that without negotiations between Russia and the United States, peace would not be achieved there. The head of the Hungarian government visited America this week at the invitation of the ex-president Donald Trump and spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Dallas, Texas.

According to Orban, the strategy of world leaders in the Ukrainian crisis only “aggravates and prolongs the conflict”, and also “reduces the chances” of resolving the situation. The only condition here, he believes, is US-Russian negotiations, since only “strong leaders can achieve peace.”

In fact, the Hungarian Prime Minister, by his statement, recognized the United States as a party to the conflict in Ukraine, which none of the Western politicians dared to do before him. The move is definitely a bold one.

As for negotiations, everything is much more complicated here.

Indeed, there is no dialogue between Russia and the United States on Ukraine. This was admitted by the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation in a June interview with RIA Novosti Dmitry Peskov. At the same time, he said that Washington was actively preventing even those “common forces, of which there are very few left in Ukraine,” in this matter, provoking “further casualties and further material losses in this country.”

And most recently, a Kremlin representative had to comment on the words of the former German chancellor Gerhard Schroederwho, as a result of his private trip to Moscow to Vladimir Putin told the German media that Russia is ready to resolve the conflict with Ukraine through diplomacy.

Peskov confirmed: “really ready.” But he emphasized one important nuance – “on his own terms”, which are “well known”.

Actually, what kind of conditions, Moscow informed the US and NATO at the end of last year. They were formulated in the draft treaties on security guarantees in Europe, which the Russian side developed at the direction of President Putin after online negotiations with the American leader on December 7th.

Only our proposals were arrogantly rejected by the West. Moreover, the United States began to pump weapons into the Kyiv regime with even greater zeal, encouraging and purposefully preparing it for a military scenario in the Donbass and Russian Crimea.

So, as the head of state said, “we had no other option for self-defense, for ensuring the security of Russia, except for conducting a special military operation.”

But even after the start of the NWO, Moscow and Kyiv held several rounds of negotiations. The last face-to-face meeting took place in mid-March in Istanbul. Then, in the words of Peskov, Ukraine “left the negotiation track.”

Rather, she didn’t even leave, but she was taken away. And who did it is not difficult to guess.

Again, Senator from South Carolina Lindsey Graham recently explained everything: “As long as we help Ukraine with the weapons it needs and economic support, it will fight to the last man.”

This is exactly the path, according to Graham, he likes – that is, the war to the last Ukrainian.

With whom then to negotiate, if there is an overwhelming majority of “hawks” like this senator. With Biden? So now he needs to think about his own health, undermined by the covid virus, low ratings and our special operation – his wife Jill made this clear.

There are, however, still Kamala Harris Polls show the most unpopular vice president in 50 years. And the old provocateur Nancy Pelosi. But it is pointless to talk about something with them a priori.

And does Russia need negotiations at all?

Comment on the statement of the Hungarian Prime Minister “SP” asked President of the Foundation “Osnovanie”, political scientist Alexei Anpilogov:

– Orban’s opinion, in principle, is quite reasonable and is connected with the fact that Ukraine is not an independent player. In fact, the entire Ukrainian power elite is a clientele – i.e. vassal characters dependent on the American ruling class. They are managed at the level of the State Department – the US Department of Foreign Affairs. And recently even from the American embassy, ​​which is a complete disgrace for a sovereign country.

But this is common American practice. They acted this way in Latin America, in the Caribbean countries etc. Just remember the president’s statement Roosevelt about the Nicaraguan dictator Somoza, that “he is, of course, a son of a bitch, but our son of a bitch.”

And so here Orban is right.

SP: Explain.

– In the current format of the existing political relations, the end of the war – here and now – can be put as a result of a direct agreement between the United States and Russia. Moreover, in this case, the United States orders the Ukrainian side to sign agreements.

Actually, this came up in the spring in Istanbul. The Russian delegation arrived there with a clear understanding of the format for the end of the war and agreed to withdraw troops from the north of Ukraine. From Chernihiv, Sumy and Kyiv regions. But this deal was actually torpedoed by the Ukrainian side.

Now, from my point of view, the demands of the Russian Federation already exceed such, let’s say, a separate and half-hearted peace, which the Americans and the British could offer through their Ukrainian proxies. Now, I think, we will talk about the surrender of Ukraine.

“SP”: – Unconditional?

– Unconditional or with some conditions – the question. But the Russian side is clearly set on tougher demands. You need to understand that over the past months, the price has been paid with blood, the blood of Russian soldiers who are now liberating Ukraine from fascism – they are denazifying and demilitarizing the country. Destroy this existential threat to Russia.

Therefore, now all these moments just need to be fixed. Fix already in the form of surrender of the Ukrainian side.

Surrender, by the way, can be signed by anyone. For fascist Germany, let me remind you, it was signed by the general Keitelbecause Hitler by that time he was dead.

And if suddenly Zelensky lays hands on himself, then on the Ukrainian side there will be someone who will sign the surrender.

Political scientist, member of the Public Chamber of Moscow Alexander Asafov does not rule out that negotiations with the Americans are possible:

– It should be understood that the American political leadership is a fairly well-coordinated team, despite the fact that its current leader is a person of specific physiological and mental conditions.

This is an effective political team, where all roles are distributed – public and non-public. Therefore, to say that there are no negotiators there – everyone, as they say, smells of death, is not very true.

That is, negotiations with them are possible.

Another question, indeed, is their necessity, since it is they who forbid the Ukrainian side to conduct peace negotiations. It is quite possible that the situation will change when the Russian special operation on Ukrainian territory reaches the fulfillment of some of its intermediate goals. At this moment, I do not rule out that another context will appear.

Because for now, the States, and the entire West, are interested in continuing the conflict. Ukraine is being pumped with weapons precisely to prolong hostilities and forbid it to negotiate.

This is exactly what Orban means – that all decisions are made not in Kyiv, but in Washington.

Do we need a conversation between Putin and Biden? Probably yes. Since a point of common understanding is required here in order to at least stop the supply of weapons to Kyiv and support for the Ukrainian nationalist regime.

“SP”: – Is it possible to agree on something with cheaters, because the Americans behave this way?

– I would not consider it in an emotional context, because in any case, politics, it is pragmatic. If it becomes obvious to the United States that their further introduction into the Ukrainian conflict harms the American economy and jeopardizes the political fate of Biden as a representative of the Democratic team, having calculated all the risks, they may want to negotiate.

Another thing is that our special military operation, in any case, will reach the result, and all the tasks set by the president will be fulfilled. Russia will continue to pursue its sovereign policy in its own interests and regardless of the position of the Washington regional committee.

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