Apr 28, 2021
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"Or maybe slap or pull out a chair"?! Russophobic outburst in Warsaw found no excuse

There was no excuse for the Russophobic outburst at the World Drafts Championship, which is now taking place in Warsaw. To the awkward attempts of the organizers to explain the shameful behavior on the Web, they sarcastically: “They could slap in the face or pull out the chair” – to punish, to the fullest extent.

An unpleasant and shameful situation for the organizers occurred at the women’s world drafts championship: during a match between a Polish woman Natalia Sadovskaya and a Russian citizen Tamara Tansykkuzhina, the organizer approached the participants’ table and tore off the Russian flag, and also removed the tricolor from the table. Not immediately realizing what had happened, Tansykkuzhina could only look in surprise at the man leaving with the flag.

The Poles, in turn, tried to explain their shameful actions by the fact that FMJD “overslept” the measures taken in December 2020 against Russian athletes.

Netizens reacted extremely negatively to the situation and condemned such actions of the organizers.

“You could still slap her in the face or pull out the chair. If you punish, then to the fullest extent, why waste time on trifles”, – quotes the commentators of RIA FAN.

“Regardless of the country, such behavior is unacceptable and testifies to the deep moral inferiority of those who thought of doing something similar,” others say.

In general, according to commentators, the participant from Russia should have left the championship after such a Russophobic attack.

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