Sep 16, 2020
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Opposition prepares Moldova for non-recognition of presidential election results

Allegations of falsification of future elections are being heard more and more often in Moldova

The right-wing pro-European opposition of Moldova continues to prepare public opinion about the falsification of the upcoming elections. The leader of the Action and Solidarity Party (PAS) is trying hardest Maya Sandu... This is understandable, only she has a chance to enter the second round of elections with the current president. Igor Dodon...

The elections are scheduled for November 1, over the remaining month and a half Sandu and his associates hope to convince the Moldovans that the only “correct” president in this country can only be she.

The youth wing of PAS also joined the process, staging a protest rally in front of the presidential building with posters “We will not let you steal our votes” and “We will decide our fate,” the young people wrote on the posters.

The participants of the rally told the journalists that the results of the November elections would definitely be falsified.

“Every day the Moldovans are getting poorer, and Igor Dodon is getting richer, so he will do everything possible to steal the elections. He will do anything to steal our voice. We will not allow this, ”

- said one of the protesters with conviction.

The "senior comrades" in the party, in particular Sergiu Litvinenko...

“We support the PAS youth action to send a message to a character who is about to expire. Plahotniuc is no longer in Moldova to help him rig elections, as he did in 2016, and he is now trying to take action to block the vote in the diaspora. He is trying to open more polling stations in Russia. He is trying to buy the votes of people on the left bank of the Dniester, ”

- Litvinenko listed all future ways of falsification according to the PAS version.

Maia Sandu's party generally believes that only those Moldovans who live in Europe or America have the right to vote in the presidential elections; Moldovans living in Russia should simply be deprived of their voting rights. After all, their choice can be easily predicted.

This year it is planned to increase the number of polling stations in Russia, which have been diligently reduced in recent years. And this fact has already caused hysteria in the camp of the pro-Europeans. Sergiu Litvinenko generally called from the rostrum of parliament not to open polling stations on the territory of the Russian Federation this year, which, in his opinion, will immediately solve all problems.

Party leader Maia Sandu strongly supported this idea.

“We have evidence that Dodon wants to falsify CEC records in order to demand the opening of more polling stations in Russia. We will present evidence. There are people who are not in Russia, these requests are written here, on the spot, in the Republic of Moldova, on behalf of people who allegedly left for Russia. Someone here fills out these forms. We will file a complaint because it is a criminal case when someone impersonates another person, ”

- said Maia Sandu on the air of the program "Politics of Natalia Morar" on the TV8 channel.

However, the plans to increase the number of polling stations in Russia look absolutely logical - more than 200 thousand citizens of Moldova live in Russia, only 11 polling stations were opened for them in the last elections, while in Italy more than 30 polling stations.

“There is reason to believe that, ahead of time,“ dispersing ”the plots with the voting of the diaspora and residents of the left bank, Sandu is preparing the ground for non-recognition of the results of the November elections (in the event that, of course, he cannot win them) and the deployment of protest activity. In this scenario, the further development of the situation will depend on the position of external partners. If they legitimize the election results, then, most likely, the protests of the right will quickly fade away, as happened in 2016. On the other hand, if after the end of the voting there is a negative reaction from the West and a corresponding signal is given, then the growth of protest is inevitable, ”

- predicts the Moldovan political scientist and publicist Vladimir Rotari.

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