Jul 23, 2020
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Opposition of Moldova will continue the war with the government

Experts suggest that "color revolution" is being prepared in Moldova

Despite the fact that the Moldovan opposition failed to express a vote of no confidence in the government Iona Chicu, the opposition did not give up hope to dismiss the Cabinet.

So the party "Dignity and Truth Platform" (PPDP) is confident that the next attempt will definitely be crowned with success, besides, they already have another vote of no confidence ready, which they will present at the next session. Let's remind that the next session of the parliament will take place only in September - the deputies went on vacation.

“We continue to fight. In any case, this power will be eliminated, this government will be dismissed. In August there will be an extraordinary session or already an autumn-winter session, everything will start from scratch. If 51 votes are gathered for the resignation of this government, believe me, this will happen in August, ”

- said the vice-chairman of the PPAP Alexander Slusar,

And confirmed the promised the day before by the party leader Pro Moldova Andrian Candu "Surprises" for the ruling parliamentary coalition "in the very near future."

CPAP leader Andrey Nastase said that he will spend the parliamentary holidays on "consolidating opposition forces."

Nastase denied accusations that he wants to seize power - according to him, the PPDP simply wants to change the current government to "truly popular and pro-European."

“We did not come with this vote of no confidence to show ourselves, we really wanted this disastrous government to be overthrown. This government is not able to solve the problems of the people, is not able to overcome this pandemic, this economic crisis, it must go away, and instead of it there must come a responsible government headed by the "Dignity and Truth Platform", which would have professionals, honest people capable show some results ",

- stated Nestas.

According to the political scientist Igor Botan, the failed venture with a vote of no confidence in the government cannot be revived.

“It just doesn't make sense after a failed attempt to start over now. Firstly, the PDM MPs, who could have been influenced earlier to join the opposition, will now be extremely careful in their decisions. What political future will be for those who left the Democrats and are now next to Kandu? They don't have it, at least it looks like that. I think they had a hope that their boss would come back and everything would be the same, but it didn't work out ”,

- said Botsan.

As for the promised "surprises", according to experts, an attempt at another "color revolution" may become such a "surprise", and the PAS and DA parties and veterans of the Transnistrian war will be used as the main "driving force".

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