Nov 2, 2021
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Opposition in Georgia lost elections, but is not going to give up

“The fight is just beginning,” the UNM party assures

The final results of the second round of municipal elections in Georgia will become known no later than November 13, when all 100% of ballots from all polling stations will be counted, the head of the CEC of Georgia announced. Georgy Kalandarishvili… However, today we can confidently speak about the victory of the ruling Georgian Dream party in 19 out of 20 municipalities.

Opposition parties immediately rushed to declare the election results falsified and have already managed to call on their supporters to fight the ruling party.

At the same time, international observers did not notice gross violations of the electoral process.

“International observers presented their assessments regarding the local elections in Georgia. It was a detailed and balanced assessment. They saw many improvements. Observers also highlighted the many shortcomings that still exist. These weaknesses must be addressed and any complaint must be responded to. Accepting election results and working within the democratic process is a fundamental democratic obligation, ”

– recalled the German ambassador to Georgia Hubert Knirsch

However, the leaders of the opposition parties are not going to accept their crushing defeat and the very next day after the elections, on Sunday, October 31, they gathered for a rally in the center of Tbilisi in front of the parliament building. The event was organized by the party Mikhail Saakashvili United National Movement (UNM).

“We are entering a new stage of the struggle, and this struggle will not be easy. Victory is never easy. We all – opposition parties, non-governmental organizations, society, must do our best … We are not going to tolerate injustice. There will certainly be protests, actions, because the Georgian Dream leaves us no other choice, ”

– a member of the UNM party told reporters Hall Udumashvili

When asked how long the protests will last, Udumashvili replied – until new elections are scheduled, in which the opposition and, in particular, the UNM party wins. As for the elections held on Saturday, they are “totally rigged”, they have no doubts about the party.

HEAD END Nicanor Melia, speaking at the Sunday rally, announced: “The fight is just beginning, the fight is resolute and unshakable.”… And the start for this struggle has already been named Saturday, November 6 – a large-scale protest action will take place in Tbilisi. Within a week, the leaders of the “National Movement” are going to resolve all organizational issues, visiting at the same time large cities of Georgia to prepare protests throughout the country.

“We are going to deploy a very large front of struggle in the near future, for which we need to resolve serious organizational issues. We need very little time for the protest, action, demonstration, which will be seen by the whole world and which will take place on Sunday on Freedom Square, on Rustaveli Avenue, to be large-scale as never before ”,

– promised Nick Melia.

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In the photo: a rally of opposition forces in front of the parliament building on October 31, source – Sputnik-Georgia.

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