Feb 17, 2021
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Opposition forces of Armenia announced a new stage of the struggle

United opposition prepares large-scale rally in Yerevan

The opposition forces of Armenia are preparing to hold the first large-scale protest rally in Yerevan this year. The organizer of the action is the “Movement to Save the Motherland”, which includes all the major opposition parties.

“Former presidents of Armenia were present at the next meeting of opposition leaders Robert Kocharian and Serzh Sargsyan, leader of the “Prosperous Armenia” party Gagik Tsarukyan, leader of the Rodina party, former head of the National Security Service Arthur Vanetsyan, Representative of the Supreme Body of the ARF “Dashnaktsutyun” Ishkhan Sagatelyan and a single candidate for the premiere of the transition period from the “Movement to Save the Motherland” Vazgen Manukyan“,

– reports the Armenian online edition

Organizational issues were discussed at the meeting, including the presence of representatives of the Republican Party of Armenia at the rally, towards which there is still a negative attitude in society. It was decided that representatives of this party will be present at the rally, but they will refrain from speaking. The rest of the politicians present at the meeting will make speeches. It is planned that the action will become massive, and therefore they are preparing for it seriously.

Opposition Demands Resignation Of Government Led By Prime Minister Nikola Pashinyan, the formation of an interim government and the holding of early elections. The government offers its own version – early parliamentary elections this year without the resignation of the government, but the united opposition does not agree with this option, suggesting that in this case the election results will be falsified.

On Tuesday, February 16, the day after the meeting of the leaders of the opposition forces, a new, decisive stage of the struggle was announced, to which the opposition is moving. This was reported by Arsen Babayan, board member of the opposition Rodina party.

The opposition dismantled the “Movement to Save the Motherland” tent set up in the center of Yerevan at the end of December last year, announcing that the fight against the Pashinyan government is reaching a new level.

Meanwhile, law enforcement agencies have already warned that employers do not have the right to send their employees to an upcoming rally organized by the opposition, otherwise they face administrative and criminal liability, which includes imprisonment for up to three years.

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