Apr 23, 2022
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Operation “Z”: Poklonskaya forked

In the photo: Natalia Poklonskaya

In the photo: Natalia Poklonskaya (Photo: Sergey Malgavko / TASS)

Deputy head of Rossotrudnichestvo, ex-prosecutor of Crimea and deputy of the State Duma Natalia Poklonskaya once again surprised in a bad way, speaking about our liberation special operation in Ukraine and its symbols. It turns out that the letter Z, which Russian servicemen put on their equipment, is associated with “tragedy and grief.”

Poklonskaya told about this in an interview with the Live Nail YouTube channel.

In particular, she stated that she considers Z, meaning “For the Victory”, “a symbol of tragedy and grief, both for Russia and for Ukraine.”

“Because Russian soldiers are also dying,” she explained, “Their parents receive different kinds of news — this is a disaster. The Ministry of Defense says that “so many have died, so many have been injured,” is that really joy? Not!”

According to Poklonskaya, the heart is breaking from what is happening. And she cannot think differently, because Ukraine is dear to her, and because “there are people there.”

Meanwhile, Russian society, she believes, is behaving “very strangely.” Instead of showing mercy and compassion, it “closed itself with some political slogans, insults.”

At the same time, when asked by the host of the program about what Poklonskaya herself would choose – victory over Nazism or the personality of a person, the ex-prosecutor honestly admitted that for her “the personality, just a person, is more important.”

Later, having probably seen what a scandalous response her revelations caused, Natalya Vladimirovna tried to justify herself. But it turned out again somehow clumsily. She allegedly opposes “any form of violence”, which she tried to convince everyone of.

“Hatred and fear are growing in society, and I call for kindness, compassion and the ability to think independently, not collectively,” Poklonskaya wrote on the Telegram channel. And she, they say, just wanted to say that “it is dangerous to blindly worship any symbols – history does not like this.”

“Maybe someone sees differently and was able to see something good and bright, but I can’t, sorry,” she added.

The question is, why doesn’t it work?

Here she talks about “blind worship of symbols” and how “dangerous” it is. But after all, she herself not so long ago turned the emperor into a fetish Nicholas IIeven went with his portrait to the procession of the Immortal Regiment.

Now she doesn’t like the letter Z.

As for the lack of compassion among our citizens, here the deputy of the State Duma answered her very well Zhanna Ryabtseva:

“Russia in general throughout its history has been sowing grief, especially among the advanced European democracies. Peaceful tourists NapoleonSwedish travelers near Poltava. And what about the European team near Stalingrad, followed by the suicide of a famous Austrian artist in a bunker? (…) Pay and repent, repent and pay. This is the fate that the tearful oppositionists and those close to them of all stripes are so thirsty for Russia. We are too aggressive, and strive to respond disproportionately. What is worth only one totalitarian “Whoever comes to us with a sword – he will die by the sword” ”.

Of course, people are free to express different opinions if their penalty does not violate the law. And Poklonskaya, it seems, is also for peace and friendship, for all that is good.

Another thing is, if you do not understand and do not accept the policy of the state, then what are you doing in the public service?

To comment on the situation, “SP” asked head of the News Front news agency, Crimean Konstantin Knyrik:

– If we evaluate the contribution of Natalia Poklonskaya to the events of the Crimean spring, then she really showed a certain civic courage. She took responsibility for the presence of a person whom we called the prosecutor of the Republic of Crimea. It is clear that, having no full-fledged rich experience, it was, rather (based on modern terminology), the brand face of all this, and the staff of the prosecutor’s office carried out the practical work. But with her mission, nevertheless, she quite successfully coped.

Further, her career path raises many questions for me. Starting with dubious statements about myrrh-streaming busts, ending with a number of others that also cause misunderstanding. Now she spoke about the special operation …

I have a feeling that in view of the fact that her personnel potential is not in demand, Natalya Vladimirovna is rushing from position to position. She said that they would soon see her in a new tunic, then it turned out that she was offered a completely adequate job as an ambassador – she refused. She is thrown from side to side. And, perhaps, somewhere in her mind, she hopes to achieve some more promising personnel offer with such dubious statements.

I have this the only assumption that can explain what she said there.

It is clear that the vast majority of Russians do not agree with her statements, because she says absolutely absurd things. Donbass has been dying and suffering for eight years – Poklonskaya does not know this?

I will say more, what is happening now on the territory of Ukraine is, unfortunately, a split within our Russian world. Those who fight against us today are the descendants of those who fought against our grandfathers.

“SP”: – So, Poklonskaya does not understand this, although, it would seem, as the deputy head of Rossotrudnichestvo she should. Apparently, he does not realize that both the department itself and its leadership are discrediting …

– I am more than sure that the staff of Rossotrudnichestvo and its head Evgeny Primakov do not share the opinions of Mrs. Poklonskaya. And the official reaction, probably, should follow. The opinion and position of the organization in which she works on this matter should be indicated.

But, you know, she’s not the first to make questionable claims, and sadly, she won’t be the last. In critical situations, those qualities of people are always clearly manifested, which in peaceful, calm times were hidden from general understanding. Only in this case, the term “understand and forgive” is not very relevant.

Poklonskaya made statements that harm the good deed that is being done today by the forces of our army.

“SP”: – The soldiers at the forefront of Poklonskaya, by the way, also heard. And rated her words as “another spit on the soldiers at the front from a Russian official” …

– In any case, unlike Europe and the USA, we have unlimited freedom of speech – accordingly, everyone has the right to their own opinion (sometimes this limitlessness really annoys me). The question is how much government structures should treat this desire to express their opinion with understanding.

If she were unemployed or some kind of social activist who expresses her opinion – God is her judge, let her express it. And taking into account the fact that she has an official status today, in her case I would either refrain from such revelations, or, with my head held high, first write a letter of resignation, and then express my private opinion.

Because such statements raise questions, including among a large number of compatriots, with whom, according to the logic of her position, she is obliged to work.

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