Jun 14, 2022
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Operation “Macedonian trap”, intelligence battle: Naumov, ex-general of the SBU, was taken by the Serbs with a bag of money and emeralds


Photo: AP/TASS

The other day on the border of Serbia and North Macedonia was detained ex-general of the SBU Andrey Naumov with smuggled currency and emeralds. He had an accomplice with him, and they were both on their way to neighboring North Macedonia.

What did the ex-general of the SBU forget in this country? Your future and the future of your colleagues. Sbushniki are not stupid people. And, unlike the duped residents of the Ukrainian hinterland, who are now being thrown under the fire of Russian artillery, they are well aware that the days of the current government in Ukraine are numbered.

But when Russian troops enter a particular region, the Sbushniks will be the first to have to emigrate en masse. Otherwise – a military tribunal and a term. And then the execution – to someone. Judging by the fact that Naumov “jumped off the topic” a few hours before the start of the special operation, he was the most cunning and cautious fox in his office.

Little of. He was the head of the internal security service. And this means that he looked for “moles” and embedded agents in the SBU, and also took care of their “moral appearance” so that they would not abuse their official powers. And they abused right and left.

Methods of influencing “clients” on the ground among the Sbushniks were not much different from the methods of the Russian (and Ukrainian) lads from the nineties. You can plant every second person there. And since Naumov, according to insider information, did not betray anyone (except for “small fry” for show), he himself was probably “in the know and in action.”

In fact, he “protected” those who robbed those under investigation, “built a gang” and “skinned” businessmen. In general, in such a position, which was occupied by General Naumov, one must be either crystal clear or a complete intriguer. He had little choice – either to imprison everyone in a row (and end his life with a bullet in his skull in a gutter on the outskirts of Kyiv), or to “protect” the entire office and become the “holder of the office common fund.” Naumov chose the latter.

A quiet paradise of “retired thieves”

Naumov, from the first days of the special operation, “trailed” the road to the West for future emigrant colleagues. Why did fate take him to North Macedonia? Those who are more or less familiar with the criminal world of the Balkans know that this small cozy country is the second center of all Eastern European smuggling after Albania. But Albania is too criminal region. There is nowhere to put your bandits and smugglers. In addition, it is a Muslim region. Strangers of other faiths are not welcome here. And they don’t complain. It’s like Chechnya Dudayev. Macedonia in this sense is a much more tolerant and calm region. In the criminal world of Europe, he has a reputation as a “backwater for retired thieves.” Such in Soviet times were Abkhazia and Sochi for those who retired and served their time thieves in law.

In Macedonia, the unspoken criminal “law of silence of pistols” and “taboo on dope” still operate. The circulation of drugs, some kind of showdown and contract killings are prohibited here. For this, the lads leave for neighboring Serbia. Such a quiet seaside “criminal Switzerland”. And, of course, resorts, mountains, lakes, a wonderful climate, sultry Balkan women … Good prosperity, a good house near the wonderful sea, a beautiful wife (or lover), a quiet life – what else does yesterday’s Sbushnik need to meet after all Ukrainian horrors peaceful old age?

In addition, Macedonia, with its pastoral villages and majestic castles, is very reminiscent of Western Ukraine, people from which form the backbone of the SBU. The same Transcarpathia, only with a view of the sea.


Big Game of Big Intelligence

Most likely, this was not Naumov’s first voyage to the country. Surely, villas have already been bought for “their guys” in Bitola and Ohryad, all the necessary documents have been drawn up, a residence permit has been issued … Of course, the Serbs “grazed” Naumov. The country has a fairly serious Security Service, which, if necessary, actively contacts and cooperates with both the Lubyanka and the SVR. And the local customs was well aware of this smuggling corridor. But for the time being, she did not allow the local customs to block it. But now the time has come.

The detention of Naumov is most likely a joint operation of the SVR and the Belgrade special services. It was now that they decided to “take after you” the future Ukrainian fugitives in uniform. Do you want a peaceful old age? No question. But some services will be required from you. Otherwise, the “channel to a quiet life near a foreign sea” will be blocked forever.

It is not difficult to guess what specific services they will require from them for their calm future. If the future “Macedonians” turn out to be understanding, big events and changes will take place in the ill-fated decision-making centers. If not, goodbye, peaceful old age. Hello wooden bunks. Look for other channels, create a new common fund, rob new customers. All over again. And time is ticking…

Game with a curator

But the whole operation could have gone quietly. It was not necessary to leak information to the press … But this is already the second part of the “Marleson ballet” – an operation code-named “Macedonian trap”. Leaking information to the press is a signal to the SBU curators sitting on Bankova Street, in Langley and MI6 offices. Don’t you want to “harness” for your “yesterday’s wards”, gentlemen? If they don’t harness, it means that they don’t care deeply about their Ukrainian colleagues. And they will draw all possible conclusions and become more accommodating in contacts with the Lubyanka.

“Harness” is also interesting. The operational game of three reconnaissance will begin. And since the Western intelligence services are still strong and quite dangerous for the Serbs, the very fact of publication in some way takes the “Uzbashi” out of harm’s way. They seem to have nothing to do with it – it’s the customs “pinned Naumov like a butterfly.” Little of. Naumov could have “floated” during interrogations. And most likely already “floated”. And specialists have already become carriers of invaluable information that could be in the press at any moment. The scandal may turn out to be paramount. And the Americans are just around the corner – elections. Yes, and Boris Johnson is not all right with his electorate.

So the second part of the operation “Macedonian trap” promises to be much more interesting and exciting than the first. And we can learn about its consequences in the very near future.

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