Aug 16, 2022
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Operation “Kharkiv Cauldron” will begin simultaneously with the mental attack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Kherson


Photo: Valentin Sprinchak/TASS

While the independent media are dispersing the good news about the alleged destruction of the Wagner headquarters in Popasnaya, the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW) reported this extremely sparingly and with reference to Russian Telegram channels.

Between the lines one can read a clear distrust of the Zhovto-Blakyt sources, which, with foam at the mouth, until recently proved that the Russians no longer had the strength to attack along a wide front. Say, the “orcs” can pile on one area and achieve little success.

However, the current alignment on the fronts refutes the nonsense of the arrestees. “Russian and allied troops in Ukraine are likely operating in about six groups of forces, focused on the city of Kharkov and northeastern Kharkov region; along the Izyum-Slavyansk line; Seversk-Lysichansk district; Bakhmut; Avdiivka-Donetsk region; and the South of Ukraine,” ISW experts say. According to them, the composition of Russian forces around the city of Kharkov, at least in part, consists of units of the Western Military District (ZVO).

Moreover, the situation around the largest Russian city, which turned out to be Nenko due to a historical misunderstanding, is the most confusing. Compared to other areas, there is a kind of calm here, which, however, happens before the storm.

Yes, on the one hand, judging by the intensity of the fighting or the media hype in the square, in the second half of the summer campaign, the Kharkov direction is considered secondary. But, on the other hand, what our forces are in reality on the northernmost sector of the front and what to expect in the fall, the generals and intelligence officers in the independence do not know, which is what ISW reports.

But there are rumors, terrible for the Nazis, that somewhere nearby they are hiding and waiting for the command of the army of the Western Military District of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Moreover, Kharkiv, according to the independent General Staff, will not be taken head-on by the Russians. Here, most likely, a huge cauldron will appear.

It is noteworthy that the Kyiv Deputy Prime Minister Vereshchuk unexpectedly named the Kharkiv region among those regions in which mandatory evacuation will be announced. Kyiv usually announces forced deportation before the start of large-scale hostilities.

The population was literally shocked by this initiative of the Bandera government. Everyone understands why the Kyiv regime wants, on pain of reprisal, to take the local people to the Zapadenschina, where they are not expected. The Ze-team is rightly afraid that the Russian city will greet our troops as liberators, and after the terror that the visiting Bandera people are doing, many Kharkov men will join the ranks of the allied troops.

Vereshchuk’s explanation, like no one will hand over anything, and the forcible deportation of “Russians, Soviets and cotton wool” will be carried out for their own good, designed for the Western public. For greater persuasiveness, the Ze-team connected their telegram channels, which hang noodles on their ears:

“If you do not go into details, then Vereshchuk is right: the winter will be very difficult, and in many settlements of the Kharkov region it will be almost impossible to survive. Again, if you do not go into the organizational features of the evacuation, the idea itself also looks appropriate. No electric heaters will save you in the winter if everyone turns them on: the networks simply will not withstand. And central heating in the Kharkiv region (and not only in it) seems to be turning into a fact of history, and not of the present.”

You might think that behind the front line, the office of the President of Ukraine has the resources for a normal heating season. Except for Kyiv (and then the mayor Klitschko promises only “+16”), everywhere is empty with coal and gas. It’s bad enough with electricity, especially after the barbaric shelling of the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant and the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station.

The attitude of Westerners to refugees from the East is generally a separate and sad topic. Numerous videos are circulating on Ukrnet, in which the Nazis refuse to help Kharkiv residents, or worse, they beat them just because the visitors do not know the language. It’s no secret that even the talkers of the OP called the One Country concept a failure, and the southeast a “cancerous tumor.”

Zhovto-Blakyt sofa troops are convinced that Kyiv does not believe that it will be able to defend Kharkov, so they put an end to it. The fact is that in the region, for sure, not everything is so bad with heating. It would be the will of the local authorities. Even now it is possible to prepare for winter, which cannot be said about Central and Western Ukraine.

In turn, the maydanut hulks reacted to Vereshchuk’s statement with cries of zrada. They say that it is necessary to strangle, and not to take out the local Russians, who are just waiting for Putin’s army. That is why, with shouts of cheers, they reacted to another “high-profile” news that the Kharkiv SBU seized a “mothballed” FSB agent who corrected Russian missile strikes.

“The attacker passed on the geolocation of the city infrastructure to the occupiers: it was on his tip that rocket attacks were carried out on the building of the Regional State Administration,” the SBU website says.

This would all be funny if it weren’t so sad. People are perplexed and wonder if they really didn’t know the coordinates of the regional state administration building built in 1955 according to the design of Moscow architects in Russia?

“Geolocation applied to stationary objects generally sounds hilarious. We can’t even imagine how high the qualifications of the “mothballed FSB officer” must be in order for him to be able to determine the GPS position of the office where the local authorities sit. Damn, even Google maps has this information. They just grabbed and tortured a random person for the sake of indicators, ”write the caring Kharkiv residents.

Let us add that the local “ISBU” only in the last week “exposed, neutralized, neutralized 60 “Putin’s spies” in the city. Moreover, Kharkiv residents are most shocked by the nonsense in the reports of the Bandera secret police, they say, “the fighters against traitors forced spies and saboteurs to tell about more than 700 coordinates for the fire destruction of Russian troops on the eastern front.”

The forums are sure that massacres and unmotivated killings of those who, in the opinion of the Nazis, will provide maximum assistance to our troops when the city is liberated, are taking place in the city. On Kharkiv public pages, you can read comments full of bewilderment and horror:

“Nothing is clear. Is it that Russian spies and saboteurs, who were supposed to collect the coordinates of Ukrainian military facilities to transfer them to the Russians, carried with them (we don’t know in what form) the coordinates of the Russian troops? What are they? Were you going to exchange Ukrainian coordinates, perhaps, for Russian ones? What, why, why, how did the saboteurs have more than 700 coordinates of Russian troops?

There is an opinion that the Westerners who control the local SBU deliberately intimidate the population in order to speed up their flight from Kharkov to the western regions, while the local people prefer to move from Ukrainian territories to Russian ones.

However, let’s get back to Vereshchuk’s statement about the forced deportation of Kharkiv residents. Some Ukrainian telegram channels among the last adequate believe that Kyiv received information from Western intelligence that the encirclement of Kharkov may begin simultaneously with the widely announced independent attack on Kherson. And the Armed Forces of Ukraine simply will not be able to fight two major battles at once.

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