May 19, 2020
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Open to close: the minister was stunned by the forecast for the subway

Krikliy admitted that the metro will be closed again / UNIAN

Only recently, the mayor of Kiev announced the opening of the metro in the near future called the conditions for the admission of passengers at the metro station.

According to the Minister of Infrastructure Vladislav Krikliy, after the resumption of work, the Kiev metro can be quarantined again.

"This can be. Of course, everything needs to be done necessary to prevent this, "he emphasized.

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According to the minister, a lot will depend on how strictly Kiev residents adhere to sanitary standards when using the subway. Speaking about the likelihood of a new restriction on the operation of public transport throughout the country, the minister recalled that quarantine is adaptive.

"The situation will not be typical absolutely for all regions. Where the epidemiological situation is worse, quarantine restrictions will be lifted later or take a step back, "the official said.

at the same time, part of the authority in determining quarantine measures is delegated to the regions.

"We give a general framework at the government level, and local authorities can introduce more stringent restrictions, "he explained.

Metro during quarantine

Recall that the Kiev metro stopped working 18 March due to quarantine imposed in Ukraine to fight the Chinese coronavirus. Vitali Klitschko invited the Cabinet of Ministers to allow the resumption of the subway from 25 on May.

Later, the head of the Ministry of Health Maxim Stepanov said that the agency gives permission to open the metro from 25 on May, if epidemiological indicators allow it.

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