May 20, 2020
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Only Zelensky’s personal political will will avoid an aggravation of the crisis in the energy sector – Tynny, an investor in green energy

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky needs to intervene in the process of finding a compromise on the “green” tariff between the government and investors. Only the political will of the president will avoid the aggravation of existing problems in the energy sector. This was stated by Igor Tynny, one of the investors in the renewable energy sector of Ukraine, in the author's column on Economic Truth.

The government is currently negotiating with investors in renewable sources energy (RES) to review the current conditions of the sector. In particular, it is proposed to reduce the existing “green” tariffs and to cancel the pre-PPAs previously signed with investors (preliminary agreement on establishing a “green” tariff for power plants not yet built), which, according to investors, will mean a complete halt to the construction of new facilities.

“I would very much like for President Vladimir Zelensky to find time in his busy schedule (no kidding) and personally pay attention to the compromise proposed by the government and investors. For, without his personal political will to further reform the energy market, no later than a year and a half later a new round of the crisis of non-payments in the energy sector will begin and the problems will only worsen, ”Tynny said.

According to him, the government wants to approve a “simple formula for“ circumcision ”with convenient“ round ”numbers."

“The rhetoric is approximately this: MPs will not vote for lower tariffs 20%, because they have such expectations. There are obviously no economic calculations under these expectations, ”the businessman wrote.

This approach to restructuring does not take into account differences in the payback periods of power plants of different capacities; in addition, involuntary tariff restructuring is imposed on investors, which contradicts the provisions of the European Energy Charter, he noted.

“The government this time overdid in its pressure on business. And you do not need to think that this is only a renewable energy industry problem. Today they are trying to throw investors into the green energy sector, and tomorrow it will happen to any other business. Such a short-sighted attitude for years will destroy the investment climate in the country, which will greatly discourage Ukraine in development, ”Tynny emphasized. Inter, "which considers it necessary to reduce the cost of electricity from renewable sources. She said that discussions with investors on reducing the "green" tariff have been going on for more than six months and the government expects to conclude with them a memorandum that will form the basis of legislative changes in this area. The full text of the interview Buslavets the ministry published on Facebook.

The ambassadors of eight countries called on the Ukrainian government not to amend the rules of the market green energy and maintain a guaranteed basis for foreign investment.

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