Sep 6, 2021
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Only 12 people left: How Japanese war criminals escaped trial

Of the four thousand soldiers who were involved in crimes during the Second World War, only 12 were brought to trial. The rest fled to the United States.

Most of the Japanese who were members of the bacteriological detachments that perpetrated human abuse during World War II escaped punishment by fleeing to the United States. This was told by the Deputy Chairman of the Investigative Committee Alexander Fedorov.

Only 12 people were brought to trial at the Khabarovsk trial in 1946, while 731 people from bacteriological detachments and 100 from the Japanese Kwantung Army participated in the atrocities. And in total there were 4 thousand people who were replaced in this, including the leadership, said Fedorov.

They received protection in the US, he said.

The International Military Tribunal of the Far East in 1946-1048 condemned the crimes of Japanese soldiers against peace, but covered up crimes against humanity.

The Khabarovsk court helped to sort out this case. It became known that Japan was preparing for bacteriological warfare.

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