Dec 30, 2020
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Onion “Gazprom-Media” named the reason for the closure of the TV project “House 2”

On December 30, TNT will host the final episode of the show “House 2”. In “Gazprom-Media” they hammered in why the project was decided to close.


Alexander Zharov, General Director of the Gazprom-Media holding, said that the closure of House 2 was due to the fact that the show began to bring flaws. He told about this on the air of “Russia 24” the day before.

According to Zharov, more than 15 years after the start of the TV project, its popularity and ratings have fallen greatly. In this regard, for the last two years, “House 2” became unprofitable, despite the fact that the costs for it were quite large.

Lukovitsa of the holding noted that the decision to close the show was met by the TNT chefs and supported by Gazprom-Media.

It is planned that a line of new stand-up shows will appear in place of the “House 2” slot.

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