Nov 6, 2021
0 0 “The treatment of migrants is a shame for Poland”

In Warsaw, diplomats’ letter was called high treason

“The situation in the eastern regions of Poland remains tense. The number of people trying to cross the Polish-Belarusian border is growing all the time. The ambassadors of the Republic of Poland decided to react to these events by calling on the government to abide by the fundamental acts of international law. The members of the Conference of Ambassadors of the Republic of Poland are confident that “the situation on the border with Belarus is becoming shameful for Poland and is beginning to constitute crimes against humanity”,

– writes the Polish Internet edition

The publication has published an open letter to the Conference of Ambassadors of the Republic of Poland. This organization was created in 2018, it includes more than thirty former Polish ambassadors in different countries. Diplomats remind that a month ago they already addressed a letter to the Polish authorities, urging them to comply with international law, in particular the EU law on refugees, otherwise Warsaw risks becoming an accomplice in the crime. Nevertheless, the authorities continue to use the practice of “dropping refugees”, which is prohibited by international law, but in Poland this practice is applied without any hesitation, notes

Increasingly, news from the Polish border testifies to a growing humanitarian catastrophe – more and more people are dying in Polish forests from exhaustion and cold. In such a situation, the government should have long ago used humanitarian methods of managing the migration crisis: to increase the number of refugee camps and speed up the processing of documents, which is quite within the power of the Polish government, diplomats emphasize. After all, we are not talking about millions of migrants, the maximum number of those who make their way to Poland is no more than ten thousand people.

Former ambassadors are trying to explain: even if Belarus closes its borders for refugees, migrants will still try to get to the territory of the European Union and will definitely find another way.

“The ruling PiS party uses its favorite political tool: inciting fear and hatred towards strangers. She professes respect for Polish history, but does not want to recall how often Poles in the 19th and 20th centuries sought refuge abroad. The situation on the border with Belarus is becoming shameful for Poland. We want to remind politicians and officials that crimes against international law have no expiration date. They can be held accountable in any democratic country, and “following orders” is no excuse, ”

– diplomats conclude their open letter.

The ruling party did not like this letter very much, they even saw in it the “hand of Moscow”.

Yes, deputy Pee Peter Kaleta called the letter “disgusting”, which is impossible even to comment on, and the diplomats themselves – “Former communists who went through school in Moscow” and still receive money from there.

And the Minister of Education and Science of Poland Przemyslaw Czarnek went even further and declared the letter nothing more than “high treason” and a betrayal of the Polish state, “while the government in the country is” absolutely democratic and law-abiding, “writes the online edition

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