Oct 23, 2021
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One Russian-language TV channel will decrease in Latvia

The National Council canceled the license of the First Baltic Channel – the repeater of the First Channel of Russia

The National Council for Electronic Media of Latvia (NEPLP) canceled the license of the First Baltic Channel (PBK).

“The decision was made because during the year three significant violations of the law on electronic media were revealed in the work of the PBK Latvija program. Evaluating the violations of regulations committed by PBK, we can conclude that each of the violations was serious, as it damaged such specially protected rights and interests as the security interests of the state and society ”,

– said in the message of the press service NEPLP

Further, the department writes about a number of violations (“threatening the state”), which were committed by the First Baltic. By the way, one of these violations of PBK, for which the channel paid a fine, was that less than 51% of European programs were on its weekly programs, which is unacceptable.

But in order to better understand the situation, suffice it to say that the First Baltic is a repeater of the programs of the First Channel of Russia and it is simply surprising that its license was not revoked earlier.

The First Baltic Channel is included in Baltic Media Alliance along with the publishing house Print mass-media, as well as the newspapers MK-Latvia and MK-Estonia. Total Baltic Media Alliance includes 25 television channels in the Baltics and produces regional television news not only for Latvia, but also for Estonia.

It didn’t help that in September PBK not only promised to change the logo from blue to red, but also began to offer its viewers programs and series in Latvian.

PBK will try to challenge the decision of the National Council in court, since the program broadcasting license was issued to the channel for a period of ten years in February 2015. Now the license will be canceled on October 26, 2021.

“We learned about this decision of the council from the media, because today the issue of our license was not on the agenda of the NSESMI in any of the items. The chairman of the council announced this decision in a telephone call half an hour ago to our lawyer simply as a fait accompli that today they made such a decision. But I do not know under what procedure and under what agenda this was done, since this issue is not on the official website of the council, ”

– commented on the situation a representative of the First Baltic Vyacheslav Stepanenko

Latvia has long been conducting a full-scale campaign to clean up its information space, and the war with PBK did not start yesterday, the channel was constantly being fined for all kinds of “serious” violations.

Since the beginning of last year NEPLP imposed a ban on broadcasting nine Russian channels on the territory of Latvia.

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