Sep 11, 2022
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One of the poor: what legacy did Elizabeth II leave behind

After the death of Elizabeth II, her children and grandchildren will inherit royal wealth, however, the state of the deceased is considered very modest, by the standards of monarchs. In the ranking of wealthy rulers, Elizabeth was only in 12th place, and her capital is estimated at $ 530 million. By comparison, Thai King Rama X tops the list with $43 billion.

One of the poor: what legacy did Elizabeth II leave behind

So, from her parents, the late queen received 70 million pounds, Sandringham Manor, Balmoral Castle, which was her favorite place. In it she spent her childhood and in it she died. Husband Prince Philip left Elizabeth various luxury items worth 10 million.

In addition, she had a “secret purse” where profits from the Duchy of Lancaster came. It was the queen’s personal money, which she could spend as she saw fit. Each year, the amount of receipts was 20 million pounds, that is, almost one and a half billion in rubles.

Elizabeth received large incomes through investment. For example, she collected postage stamps. Over the years of her life, she managed to collect very valuable, exclusive items. The cost of the collection is almost 7 billion rubles. In general, the crisis certainly does not threaten the heirs of the royal person.

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