Aug 23, 2022
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One hundred million were demanded from the widow of Alexander Gradsky


The wife of Alexander Gradsky, Marina, spoke about the assassination attempt.

Marina Kotashenko came to the Moscow court to talk about the daring attack she underwent last winter – then the widow of the famous singer was robbed of 100 million rubles. The meeting revealed new details of the incident.

In Moscow, there is a trial in the case of the robbery of the widow of Alexander Gradsky Marina Kotashenko, which occurred in January of this year. The woman testified: the criminals stole 100 million rubles from her, hitting her head painfully. In addition, they threatened her with guns and tried to intimidate her.

So far, there is only one person involved in the dock – Umedjon Zhabborov. He disagreed with the charges of robbery. According to him, during the robbery, he and his accomplices threatened with dummies of pistols. Hearings will continue. The next meeting will be held on September 9, MK.RU reports.

Recall that the attack on Kotashenko took place on January 16. Three intruders cut off the car in which Marina was driving, sat down next to her and began to threaten. Then they demanded to take them to a cottage village and give them money.

Many knew that the late Alexander Borisovich always took fees only in cash, so they easily found a box under the bed, and it contained 100 million rubles. After that, the robbers fled. The police announced the plan “Interception” and in hot pursuit detained several participants in the robbery.

The media is still discussing this strange story, which looks like a detective story. There were even versions that the widow of Gradsky staged a robbery so as not to share the inheritance with the children of Alexander Borisovich. True, Kotashenko herself tries to remain silent and does not succumb to provocations.

Fans and experts admit that Marina is now in a difficult situation. In addition to raising children, she is actively involved in litigation.

Gradsky did not leave a will, he did not even think about dying. Therefore, the courts will be hot: Marina refuses to go to the world, she is going to defend the interests of her children. Dani already has a serious lawyer – Henry Reznik, he forbade him to say anything at all. Masha flew in from America. So the whole company is here. Except me, Natasha!“- confessed a relative of Alexander Borisovich, referring to the adult children of the master – Maria and Daniel.

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