Sep 8, 2021
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On the secret information war against Russia

Big Media’s Global Influence Network, or What is “Trust, Accuracy and Impartiality”

Early August social network Twitter publicly announced cooperation with news agencies Associated Press and Reuters in the fight against the “spread of disinformation”. What it is?

“Trust, accuracy and impartiality are at the core of what Reuters does every day … These values ​​also drive our commitment to stop the spread of misinformation.” – said Hazel Baker, head of news gathering UGC (user-generated content – content of social network users)

Don’t be in a hurry to flatter yourself, dear reader! This is not about “trust, honesty and impartiality” as ordinary people understand them. What the West calls “the fight against disinformation” is a merciless, ferocious censorship. This is a splicing of social networks with mass media from the pool of so-called global media, or Big mediaworking with Western governments and Western intelligence services on behalf of those governments and intelligence services.

Associated Press and Reuters – not an exception. “Both of these media outlets are reliable mouthpieces for Western governments, but Reuters is taking its friendship with them one step further.”, – writes the portal Gray area… And he cites a link to an investigation by Grayzone editor Max Blumenthal about how Reuters took part in a secret British Foreign Office program aimed at promoting NATO’s geopolitical interests and “weakening Russia.”

The Associated Press and Reuters are no exception.  “Both of these media outlets are reliable mouthpieces for Western governments, but Reuters is taking its friendship with them one step further,” writes Grayzone.

Blumenthal’s material was published in February 2021. After that, the social network Twitter began to “tag” all tweets related to the investigation with warnings that proof of work Reuters on the UK government, “May have been obtained by hacking”

“Thomson Reuters Foundation and BBC Media Action are engaged in a secret information war against Russia. Working through a shadow department at the UK Foreign Office known as Counter Disinformation & Media Development (CDMD), media organizations worked alongside an intelligence group in a secret organization known as the Consortium. – wrote Blumenthal in his investigation. He denounced the British Foreign Office curriculum under the leadership of Reuters for Russian journalists: the purpose of these programs was to recruit, under the guise of “changing attitudes” towards British politics.

And when former UK Labor MP Chris Williamson attempted to raise public awareness of covert activities CDMD, he was blocked from access to information “For reasons of national security”

“Reuters and the BBC have requested multimillion-dollar contracts to advance the interventionist goals of the British state: to nurture Russian journalists through tours and training funded by the British Foreign Office, to create networks of influence in and around Russia, and to promote NATO narratives in Russian-speaking regions.

In several documents sent to the British Foreign Office, Reuters boasted of its global network of influence of 15,000 journalists and media workers, including 400 in Russia. ”

– said Blumenthal.

In addition, a network of bloggers has been created in Russia and Central Asia. Youtube, which was financed in a special way – so as not to “shine” external sources of money.

V Reuters rich experience of covert collaboration with the UK government. In 1960-1970 the agency was used “To help an anti-Soviet propaganda organization run by MI6 intelligence”

Nowadays, the old experience is in demand again. In 2017, the non-profit division ReutersThomson Reuters Foundation (TRF) – proposed to the British Embassy in Moscow the project “Capacity building in the Russian media”. This was the response of the media empire to the appeal of the British Foreign Office to assist in organizing British thematic press tours for Russian journalists and influential bloggers. Two years later, in 2019, London needed more – “Counteracting the narrative of the Russian government and its dominance in the media and in the entire information space”

In July 2019, the agency Reuters received a contract with the Conflict, Stability and Security Fund of the UK Foreign Office. The contract was classified as “strictly confidential”; neither side wanted the secret to be revealed.

Now we are talking about the shadow structure of the UK Foreign Office Counter Disinformation and Media Development (CDMD).

We add that Reuters has partners not only with the British government.

Government Director for Global Business TRF in 2015-2018 Dawn Skalichi, who, among other things, was responsible for “developing the ability Thomson reuters meet the various needs of the US government ”, 33 years with the CIA, overseeing intelligence; was in the intelligence community AFCEA and BUT… This lady “Developed strategic relationships with public sector representatives and key decision-makers, designed campaigns to promote the growth of Thomson Reuters business, and worked with senior executives to determine appropriate strategic goals and plans”

Associated Press also close to Western governments, claims Gray area, referring to numerous agency publications that preceded the US invasion of Iraq, claiming that Saddam Hussein possessed “Weapons of mass destruction”… In other words, the Colin Powell test tube agency AR transformed into an informational justification for the American aggression in Iraq.

“Twitter’s partnership with these deeply compromised institutions is part of a broader trend in which Silicon Valley tech companies are partnering with Western governments to fight independent media and alternative sources of information,” – writes Ben Norton, author Gray area

This is what “they” call “trust, accuracy and impartiality.”

Infographics: Thegrayzone

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