May 13, 2022
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On the Russian-Ukrainian border

Who recommends committing sabotage and attacking Russians with missiles

The Armed Forces of Ukraine began shelling the territory of the Kursk and Belgorod regions back in April. Before that, there were “flying helicopters”, blowing up bridges by Ukrainian DRGs, mortar attacks on border checkpoints, and finally the throwing of an armored group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Cossack Lopan.

It got to the point that the Armed Forces of Ukraine, having captured Ternovaya, Staritsa and Bayrak on May 12, have already reached the border with the Russian Federation and are preparing to torment Belgorod from American long-range guns and M777 howitzers that arrived safely in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which for some reason were not bombed somewhere near Ternopil. Someone is beginning to threaten that on the coming weekend the Armed Forces of Ukraine may seize a couple of Russian border villages: so to speak, to raise their spirits or as a trump card in the evacuation of Azov, banned in Russia *.

I would like to remind you that all attacks are carried out from the territories that the Russian troops left after the “Istanbul negotiations”.

Moreover, the Kyiv Clown quite recently, in an interview with the Arab TV channels Al-Arabiya and Hadas, stated that the Armed Forces of Ukraine do not conduct operations on the territory of the Russian Federation and he does not know who is shelling the settlements of Russia.

After the first Ukrainian attacks on April 26, it sounded from Moscow that for the slightest shelling of Russian territory, Russia would hit the enemy’s decision-making centers. Now they seem to have changed their minds. Someone, apparently, believes that denazification should be accurate … Even the raids on the railway infrastructure of Kyiv that have begun are more like they do not want to crush it, but to localize it with jewelry. The bridge over Zatoka cannot be reset for the second week already, and the Ukrainians restored the draft substation damaged by a missile strike in Volovets, in Transcarpathia, in a day. Something like this…

The decision-making center represented by the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the US Congress Nancy Pelosi instructs performers in Kyiv

The decision-making center represented by the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the US Congress Nancy Pelosi instructs performers in Kyiv

After the April threat from Moscow, Kyiv cowardly waited a couple of days for an answer and, without waiting, continued shelling with enviable activity. And the first people of Ukraine did not skimp on promises to pour blood over Russia …

According to adviser to the presidential office Misha Podolyak, it was US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken himself who allowed shooting at Russia. “And therefore, the disarmament of the Belgorod-Voronezh warehouses of murderers is an absolutely natural, natural process. Karma is a cruel thing. And again, I repeat: the reasons for the destruction of the military infrastructure of the border areas can be completely different. Up to … divine intervention in the affairs of sinners who massively killed people in Ukrainian Mariupol during Holy Week”Podolyak said on April 27th.

“You wanted war, so get it”howled Ukrainian social networks, and the unpunished statements of local politicians became even more radical. Podolyak stated that “The hostilities will definitely be transferred to the territory of the Russian Federation. It’s understandable. It doesn’t matter who fights there. Maybe they will create their own provocations there, maybe they will blow up … Even if Ukraine is not involved in this, of course, we will watch with interest how the large and powerful Russian vertical of power is falling.”

On May 12, residents of the Belgorod village of Solokhi felt the impact of rocket fire.

The village of Solokhi after the shelling of

The village of Solokhi after the shelling of “Hurricane”

On the same day, the FSB of the Russian Federation announced the arrest of a resident who was preparing explosions in agreement with the SBU on the territory of Kursk;

“Let’s already dream about missiles that can reach not only the Moskva cruiser, but also the city of Moscow”, says Petya Poroshenko.

Arestovich continued that “the leadership of Ukraine is ready to return all occupied territories, including Donetsk, Luhansk and Crimea, under control”.

In the Ukrainian Internet segment, a website was launched with a countdown to the “fall of the Crimean bridge” from a missile attack announced by the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Danilov.

The Ukrainian side is counting down the time until the strike on the Crimean bridge

The Ukrainian side is counting down the time until the strike on the Crimean bridge

Kyiv expert Yuriy Romanenko claims that following the Crimean bridge, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will launch rockets at railway infrastructure facilities on Russian territory within a 300-kilometer zone from the Ukrainian-Russian border.

Major General of the Main Directorate of Intelligence (GUR) of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Kirill Budanov already says that Kyiv will make peace only in two cases – a complete or partial division of the territory of the Russian Federation into several parts, a change in the leadership of the country and the return of all occupied territories. And this is not only about the Crimea, but about Koenigsberg and the Kuriles …

The US and Israel, in response to such statements, usually respond with rocket attacks on the applicants or send special forces, as to Bin Laden.

It is no longer allowed to commit sabotage and attack Russians with missiles, but is recommended by British intelligence MI6. According to published data, the militant islanders have already prepared and are ready to transfer to Kyiv the coordinates and data of all military facilities, as well as fuel and lubricant bases, which are used to supply the Russian army.

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