Jul 1, 2020
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On the “optimization” of ambulance

The chairman of the independent trade union of ambulance workers,, ambulance paramedic Dmitry Belyakov that the optimization of healthcare actually destroyed the outpatient service and ambulance, and why the “medical managers”, who were responsible for the deaths of both doctors and patients, were not punished.

Ambulance as emergency medical care does not work long ago. From it they made a feeder - a top drinker. The ambulance is not financed by the state, but by an insurance company, that is, a private company. Hence all the troubles, hence the race for money, and not concern for the health of Russians.

The system was not ready at all for anything. Our system is now made so that it is only ready to accept rubles, accept and save. I was not ready for a pandemic, a specific emergency. - Dmitry Belyakov

The more challenges, the better, more profitable, and the quality of work does not interest anyone.

Reduction of ambulance doctors when they were replaced by nurses because they are cheaper, the abolition of specialized teams, including infectious emergency services, will lead to the fact that the structure will not cope with the next pandemic.

It seems that the virus, the vaccine and the cure for the virus were invented in 1 day, and everything else is a well-played pandemic.

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