Sep 18, 2022
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On the “Haymarsy” and “Three axes” in the Russian army, there was an effective response

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Photo: Nikolay Muravyov/TASS

The American edition of the Wall Street Journal published an article that blew up the world wide web. It is called like this – “Russia’s use of Iranian kamikaze drones creates new dangers for Ukrainian troops.” The first thing that catches your eye and what you definitely need to say is that one of the authors of the sensational material is an independent journalist Trofimov interviewed Kulaginaartillery commander of the 92nd mechanized brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as you can see, also with a Russian surname.

If you figure it out, some kind of wildness. The Russians are fighting against the Russian army, moreover, they are not fighting weakly and laying down their heads for the sake of Anglo-Saxon interests. Although this is a somewhat separate topic, why doesn’t Moscow directly call the “Trofimovs and Kulagins” helpers of Bandera fascism?

In the WSJ version, Kulagin turns out to be a real “glory-Ukrainian” colonel. In the overseas press there is such a vile practice of labeling Russian people who have gone over to the side of the enemy as defenders of independence. It is not clear why leaflets with a reminder of the responsibility of Russians to their ancestors are not scattered over the Bandera trenches. Maybe one of the collaborators will ask himself what his grandfather would say when he found out that his grandson with profaned brains is fighting the Russian army. To Zelensky and this also applies to his grandfather in full.

By the way, apparently, the Britons and the Yankees are most afraid of this. Whatever Anglo-Saxon article you take, they scribble everywhere that Ivanov, Petrov and Sidorov, who are at war with Russia, are necessarily “Ukrainians”. If there is a Zapadenskaya surname, then there are no such explanations. In short, the renegade Trofimov talked with Vlasov’s Kulagin, who complained on the pages of the WSJ that Russia had inflicted serious damage on the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the help of Geran-2 kamikaze drones.

The Wall Street Journal writes: “Only in the operational area of ​​​​his [Кулагина] drone brigades, which usually fly in pairs, destroyed two 152mm self-propelled howitzers, two 122mm self-propelled howitzers, and two armored infantry armored personnel carriers.

Svobodnaya Pressa has already written about the first use of Geranium-2, suggesting that the presentation was a success: “The press service of the independent Defense Ministry provided a photo of the allegedly downed Geranium-2 kamikaze drone. By the way, the picture shows only a damaged vertical tail stabilizer with a small fragment of the deltoid wing. Which indirectly indicates a successful attack on a ground target, and not an interception in the air.

So, Vlasovite Kulagin from the 92nd Specialized Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine actually confirmed that recently “Russia conducted a test [дрона]destroying a US-supplied 155mm M777 towed howitzer with a drone.” It seems that the information of the Pakistani military resource Pakistan Defense that the UAV carries powerful explosives is true. The Polish Warmate and the American Switchblade, available in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, are not even close to capable of this.

Naturally, the WSJ online magazine unsubstantiatedly called our new loitering ammunition Iranian. Meanwhile, more images of the wreckage of the Geranium-2 have already emerged, including a photo of the remains of an internal combustion engine of the type Wankel. Something on it is not visible the letter designation MDR-208, the power plant, which, as the Pakistani military resource Pakistan Defense explains, is installed on the Persian Shahed-136.

More to the point, the US military has damaged Persian drones of this type found in Syria and the Gulf states. This means that the Yankees could easily prove that the kamikaze drones used by our troops are repainted Iranian UAVs. But nothing but blah blah blah, they did not provide. From this obvious fact, more or less adequate US Internet resources suggested that Geranium-2 is a Russian product, albeit a clone of Shahed-136. This means that there will be no shortage of them in our troops.

“Russia can easily produce drones (they have relatively simple technology) but have likely chosen to work with Iran as part of their growing bilateral cooperation. Remember, Russia is only one of two countries with hypersonic weapons. However, it would make sense from a business point of view to outsource part of the military needs while the military-industrial complex is focused on its core production. This is just business, and not a sign that Russia lacks drone capabilities, ”says, for example, Andrew Tillone of the WSJ commentators.

In his opinion, “again, these are simple technologies, and they can be used on cheap off-the-shelf chipsets. Western media are spinning tales, pushing absurd stories. Russia would have packed up its things and left Ukraine long ago if they were so lacking in electronic components.”

By the way, Kulagin actually denied the chatter of the “colonel” Arestovich about the defeat of the Nezalezhnosti in the Kharkiv region by the Zahisniks of the second army of the world on the northern front. It turns out that here, according to the colonel, the RF Armed Forces simply did not have an artillery advantage.

This alone confirms the assumption that Moscow did not believe that the Ukrainians would strike precisely in the forests of Slobozhanshchina. There is a version that Kyiv was warned that if it turns up, it will be left without 80% of gas production (the main blue fuel deposits are located close to the front line).

Now the RF Armed Forces are destroying the artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kharkiv region, and effectively, with the help of Geranium-2. However, this is only the beginning. Scott Crinothe founder and CEO of Red Six Solutions LLC, a strategic consulting firm, said our army’s new loitering munitions could “provide Russia with a powerful counterweight to high-tech weapon systems like HIMARS rocket launchers.”

Scott Krino, according to the WSJ, explains that the huge size of the Ukrainian battlefield makes it difficult to protect the Armed Forces of Ukraine from kamikaze drones, especially since two Geranium-2s are involved in the attack at once. One is aimed at the radar system [контрбатарейной борьбы]and the second hits an artillery gun.

The expert also doubts that the EW supplied by the Pentagon will be able to somehow help the defenders of the independence. The Geran-2 kamikaze drone, like the Shahed-136, is not only equipped with an effective passive radar seeker, but also has a reliable anti-jamming system. And in general, in order to somehow drown out the signal of the Russian operator, the gunners will need to have sufficiently large mobile electronic warfare systems on their “tail”, which is simply not realistic.

Kholui Kulagin hopes only for his masters – the Americans. He wants the US and Britain to provide the Armed Forces with some super duper anti-drone systems. And if there are none, let the Yankees tell the Persians not to help the Russians.

Well, yes, after what the star-striped “democratizers” have done in Iran, the ayatollahs will immediately obey Biden. Be that as it may, the colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with a Russian surname, without realizing it, admitted that the Ukrainian army without the Western military army is zero without a wand.

Now the defenders of independence are waiting with horror for the appearance of attack drones with guided missiles in the RF Armed Forces. It seems that soon we will learn about the presentation of a new unmanned system.

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