Nov 1, 2022
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On the grave of Boris Moiseev staged a pogrom


Everyone forgot about the deceased singer Boris Moiseev.

In early October, friends and fans saw off Boris Moiseev on his last journey. Farewell was organized on a grand scale. They say that only 230 thousand rubles were spent on the coffin.

According to rumors, Alla Pugacheva was supposed to pay the bill for organizing the mourning event, but she left the country and, after emigration, cut off her old ties. Philip Kirkorov had to compensate for the expenses, who at the funeral handed over an envelope with a large sum of money to the director of the singer.

Grave of Boris Moiseev
Grave of Boris Moiseev

It is a pity that a month later they began to forget about the tragic fate of Moiseev.

The day before, a photo from the Troekurovsky cemetery appeared on the Web, where one of the visitors captured the pogrom on the singer’s grave. Decayed flowers and wind-blown wreaths indicate that no one is looking after the site. It seems that the last person who came to the grave of the artist was Kristina Orbakaite, NeMalakhov reports.

Moiseev’s entourage is much more concerned about the issue of inheritance. It is known that several people claim the property of the late star: Boris’s brother Marx Tolkach, director Sergei Gorokh, and Orbakaite. According to rumors, she was supposed to get one of the singer’s apartments according to her will. However, it is still not known whether this document was found and what indications Moiseev left in it.

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