Sep 30, 2021
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On the fragmentation of the Western military bloc

Europe cannot get rid of its vassalage to America

According to Greek publications, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and French President Emmanuel Macron signed an agreement in Paris that provides “Direct military assistance to Greece from France and vice versa in the event of an attack by a third country, even if this country is within their alliances (such as Turkey, which is a NATO member)”

Greece will receive from France “in record time” combat frigates 3 + 1 Belhara fully equipped with air defense and anti-submarine warfare and the ability to shoot down air targets at very long distances. Frigates will be compatible with French-made fighters gust of windwhich Greece had previously purchased from France.

Joint drills of Greece and France in the Mediterranean

Joint drills of Greece and France in the Mediterranean

Greek media enthusiastically praise the deal, but bypass the question that the agreement is unprecedented: after all, there is the Alliance (NATO), and its members are France, Greece, Turkey and the United States. Within the framework of this Union, military support seems to be provided to all the countries that make up it.

So, the support is still not provided? And after the creation of the “separate” Anglo-Saxon military bloc AUKUS, is it obvious to everyone? Including the Greeks, who are at war with the Turks?

Macron, after signing an agreement with Greece, emphasized that it is “The first bold step towards European strategic autonomy” at a time when the US is busy confronting China.

Mitsotakis says the same: “I strongly believe in the absolute necessity of strategic autonomy for Europe. Recent events have clearly demonstrated that we must be willing and able to do more as Europeans alone. “

“Recent events” is the formation of the intercontinental Anglo-Saxon bloc, which has set the United States, Great Britain and Australia apart in the Western community.

According to a Greek newspaper Vimaquoting Mitsotakis, “It is necessary to immediately protect militarily Greece, which gave preference to French frigates over American ones”

Greeks will buy combat aircraft from France

Greeks will buy combat aircraft from France

“The bilateral agreement has a purely European dimension, as it is the adoption of the doctrine of strategic autonomy of the European Union by the two countries and is an important step in this direction,” – adds Greek Katimerini… Both Paris and Athens assure that “A strategic partnership agreement between Greece and France … fully coordinated with the EU and NATO”

Is not it? After all, a crack is already outlined within the “European dimension”: if Macron says that the strengthening of partnership with Greece “Is in full compliance with our commitments to the EU and NATO”, then Mitsotakis objected to him in some way: “Our two countries have created a very powerful alliance that goes beyond our mutual obligations.”

It seems that the latter is closer to the truth: the French-Greek alliance goes beyond the “mutual obligations” binding NATO member states. Communication through these commitments has become unreliable. Peace notes that the agreement with Athens is a kind of “consolation prize” for Paris; agreement concluded “After the cancellation of a huge € 55 billion submarine contract with Australia, which chose to opt for a strategic partnership with the United States and the United Kingdom.”

US and NATO military bases in Europe

What is it in general “Strategic autonomy of the European Union”if Europe is dotted with US military bases and serves as a repository for US tactical nuclear weapons? The positions of European states, NATO members and the EU are increasingly diverging. They disagree with regard to assessing the reliability of the US nuclear umbrella; along the drift line of Eastern Europe away from the “single European family” dominated by Germany and France; in relation to purchases of Russian gas; according to the degree of tolerance for the invasion of Europe by foreign cultural migrants.

There are a lot of discrepancies, and the German Handelsblatt worried: “Europe is a continent in crisis … It is now a very fragile entity, it is threatened with a split … In such a state, Europe simply cannot afford to break with America, no matter how difficult and humiliating it may be”

European Union and NATO

He cannot afford and will not allow himself. It will endure humiliation, it will organize demonstrations (like Macron and Mitsotakis), but until a fundamentally new balance of forces develops in Europe and the world, Europe will not be able to get rid of its vassal position with respect to America.

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