Jan 6, 2022
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On the financing of Britain’s subversive operations in Russia

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that the British Foreign Office has allocated more than 1.3 billion rubles for subversive operations in Russia through a network of NGOs. Documents describing projects aimed at “rocking” Russia are published on the Underside website.

“The Underside archives contain dozens of documents with descriptions of projects, lists of names, organizations and all the“ black bookkeeping ”. The numbers boggle the imagination – more than 1.3 billion rubles were allocated (for the period from 2020 to 2023) to finance programs of influence on public organizations (and through them – on government agencies) and the transformation of the course of Russia in the direction that Great Britain needs ”, – wrote Maria Zakharova in her telegram channel.

Subversive operations in Russia are coordinated by the United Kingdom Embassy in the Russian Federation. Among those posted on the site official documents – report of the British Embassy in Moscow for 2018-2019. During this period, the British Embassy financed a total of 35 projects in the Russian Federation in five areas. The Politics direction was financed most generously – 596,157 pounds (about 50 million rubles).

Among the recipients of British grants there are many organizations recognized as foreign agents in Russia (the Sfera Foundation, the Accent NGO, the SOVA Center). Judging by the published documents, SOVA worked under the patronage of a British NGO Article 19., which in turn was financed by the Open Society Foundation of George Soros *** recognized as undesirable in the Russian Federation.

Maria Zakharova noted that, “Since at least October 2020, a grant agreement has been in effect between the British Government and the foreign agency Civic Assistance Committee, which is supported by the recently liquidated Memorial Court.

A number of British projects (880 million rubles) are aimed at creating a “pro-British stratum” among the intellectual elite of Russia. One cannot but agree with Zakharova that it is inexpensive “London appreciated this very“ pro-British stratum ”

The political section of eight British grant projects was engaged in promoting the geopolitical interests of NATO, the European Union and the United Kingdom in Russia. So, one of the tasks of these projects indicated “Influencing Russian security and defense thinking, including with regard to NATO, the EU and the OSCE, to protect UK interests in the region and in the wider political and economic context”… The largest of all grants, 91 thousand pounds, went to the Carnegie Moscow Center, which is a division of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Until recently, this organization was headed by Williams Joseph “Bill” Burns, who became director of the CIA in January 2021.

The most important direction on the political agenda of the British Embassy is the development of “independent journalism” in Russia. Control over the implementation of these projects is entrusted to foreign agents from Russia and international “independent organizations”.

Under the guise of developing projects in the Science and Innovation section (378,072 pounds sterling, or about 31.5 million rubles), the British Embassy was engaged in scientific and industrial espionage. The main purpose of the “scientific” projects was declared “British companies gain access to Russian scientific excellence” and “Business development in Russia”

531,978 pounds (more than 44 million rubles) were allocated to finance climate security projects. At the same time, environmental projects acted as a cover for the promotion of political goals, such as “Support for civil society and independent journalists”, lobbying of British business interests in government structures of the Russian Federation, as well as the education of “young leaders” among high school students and students.

Also noteworthy is the project on “Strengthening the rule of law in Russia, the independence of the judiciary, and holding elections in accordance with international standards” (77,786 lb).

In grant projects until 2023, priority is given to Memorial, which was recently closed by the Russian authorities. Here funding is directed towards finding “New forms of rethinking the Stalinist repressions (Soviet past)”… Within the framework of the project, the British Foreign Ministry intends to finance the creation of a cartographic project called “Objects of Soviet Terror on the Map of Russia.”

“This is another Memorial project to rethink Russian history in the direction of its negative assessments. The document also states that if the authorities put pressure on Memorial in Russia, thanks to its branches, it will be possible to safely transfer the project to the Czech Republic or Germany. Thus, direct implementation of the project from abroad at a foreign expense is possible “, – noted on the site Down side

About 560 thousand pounds have been allocated for the entire package of projects of the International Memorial, which was liquidated in Russia. They should have been spent, in particular, on “Putting serious pressure on the Russian legal system”

All these projects organically fit into the strategy recently announced by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Global Britain… And it is no coincidence that the new British ambassador to Moscow, Deborah Bronnert, previously served as director of economic and global affairs at the Foreign Office, where she oversaw the implementation of the strategy. Global Britain… Ms Bronnert’s long list of high-profile positions includes a British health care charity. Merlin, which she headed in 2010-2013, and which the FSB accused of espionage.

However, since the days of the master of secret diplomacy, Sir Edward Gray, who headed the British Foreign Office before the First World War, being a British diplomat has always meant being an intelligence officer. Thus, one of the best British cadre intelligence officers, an ally of the former head of MI6 Alex Younger and the successor of the traditions of Lawrence of Arabia, whom he even looks like, Charles Garrett, when he was ambassador to North Macedonia (2014-2018), achieved the removal from power of the government of Nikola Gruevsky and ensured the victory of the western puppet Zoran Zaev in the elections. Last year, London appointed Garrett as ambassador to Kyrgyzstan.

Maria Zakharova drew attention to the fact that “The British are directly spending money on the buildup of the internal political situation in the country. How else to explain the existence of a grant plan under the P2.031 code, which involves sponsoring involvement in rallies and political rallies, as well as mentioning the growth of social tension and the polarization of society?

And how can one not agree with the position of Field Marshal Kutuzov, who considered Britain the most dangerous enemy of Russia and used to say: “If tomorrow this island goes to the bottom – I won’t ooh”

Artist Igor Yaroshenok

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