Jun 30, 2021
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On the external management of Ukraine, or in whose hands is the power

Christina Queen is recognized as the most influential woman in Independence – the head of the US diplomatic mission in Kiev

In the rating of the most influential women in Ukraine, the Charge d’Affaires of the United States in an independent power Christina Queen ahead of First Lady Elena Zelenskaya and Prosecutor General Irina Venediktova. British Ambassador Melinda Simmons entered the top 5 most influential Ukrainian women. The one in front of which a real Ukrainian colonel, a “knight” of the “People’s Hero of Ukraine” order with the polymorphic surname Drapaty, was kneeling on his knees with a shabby kiss (this miracle warrior became famous for the “organized withdrawal” of the remnants of the “strongest army in Europe” from the Izvarinsky cauldron).

And by the way, before the US Ambassador Teft, the traditional ritual of the “good Cossack family” was performed 8 years ago.

Features of tank diplomacy

How else, if most of the Ukrainian “servants of the people” are the fosterlings of Soros, who is closely associated with the US Democratic Party, and the rest are the people of Kolomoisky, long tamed by the US Embassy.

We wrote about the fact that the power in Ukraine is concentrated not on Bankova Street, but on Tankova Street (where the US Embassy is located), summing up the results of the external control of the country that won the guards under Poroshenko. They also wrote how the presumptuous Kolomoisky was put in place by US Ambassador Payet when he was about to start an oligarchic war against Poroshenko.

Kristina Queen’s predecessor, William Taylor, managed to give instructions to President Zelensky as a project of Kolomoisky: “If he continues … will oppose Russia both in Donbass and Crimea, if he promotes reforms, this will be exactly what we want“. And Queen, setting the tasks of the entire “non-dirty nation”, noted with satisfaction that Zelensky “works to implement important and successful reforms that Ukraine has carried out since the Revolution of Dignity“. And as we know, the “most successful” was the reform with the “land market”, which ruined the people of Ukraine in favor of the world’s stock speculators.

And recently the “triumphant completion of the judicial reform” took place, after which the Ukrainian “independent judges” will be controlled exclusively abroad. The US Embassy is right there “welcomed the adoption of the bill“And set a new task:”We look forward to early adoption of the High Council of Justice reform bill to consolidate today’s achievement“.

Previously, such an operation was carried out in relation to investigative structures: when the Verkhovna Rada tried to introduce the people’s deputies into the commission for the selection of the director of the State Bureau of Investigation

concessions to the United States: Christina Queen sent “recommendations” to Razumkov with an appeal not to distract the deputies from their “legislative responsibilities“.

Photo by Maxim Buzhansky

The National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NABU) also remains accountable to the overseas friends of Ukraine. Therefore, when the Constitutional Court ruled unconstitutional the appointment of another grant-eater as the director of this body, the President’s Office fell into a stupor. “… The Constitutional Court declared unconstitutional the appointment of the director of NABU Sytnyk, a functionary who was found guilty of corruption by two courts, who remains in the official state register of corrupt officials and whose department for sociology does not trust more than 71 percent of the population,” wrote the Honored Lawyer of Ukraine on September 7, 2020 Andrey Portnov. – The vast majority of people who think and know how to analyze know … how this department is managed, whose interests it represents and what network it relies on within the country. For ten days there is not a single decision from the state. There is no reaction from the Prosecutor General’s Office and the State Bureau of Investigation to the fact of the appropriation of powers and non-execution of the court decision, there is no offensiveness from the parliament or the president. The absence of decisions on such an obvious issue is more than concrete evidence of the overt external control of our country. “

People do not trust this whole “anti-corruption system”, without particularly delving into whose hand is washing whose. Much more tangible for the wallet of the “peresichny ukrainets” dependence on its American masters manifested itself in the foreign economic sphere.

In August 2020, Secretary of State Pompeo at a meeting with Zelensky “expressed US concern about China’s disastrous investment in Ukraine, including Beijing’s efforts to acquire engine maker Motor Sich“. It was about reanimation by a Chinese company Skyrizon Plane Holdings a plant that was once a city-forming plant for Zaporozhye and the region as a whole. Less than six months later, despite the gigantic for Ukraine amount of penalties of $ 3 billion, the contract with the Chinese was broken and the promise to the State Department was fulfilled.

Even overfulfilled: the Chinese Huawei Technologies CoLtdIs one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies. “The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry decided to remove all Huawei equipment from its buildings, and several other government agencies will follow this example.“- announced the US Undersecretary of State Keith Crutch. The American diplomat noted that such an agreement was reached following a meeting with Ukrainian Prime Minister Shmyhal.

At the same time, Kiev refused to cooperate with Huawei in the Smart City project, preferring the American Cisco. “Ukraine understands what is at stake“, – explained the US Undersecretary of State. You shouldn’t understand! Therefore, the State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine removed information about partnership with Huawei Ukraine from its website.

On the dangers of “constructive dinners”

After all this, it becomes clear why under Zelensky in Ukraine, the Pentagon’s biological laboratories continue to function with might and main, opened under the false president Yushchenko, closed under Yanukovych and reopened under the false president Poroshenko. By the way, it is “lies about secret American biolabs “ was devoted to an article by Queen that appeared in 2020. Then, however, the American embassy nevertheless admitted that laboratories exist. However, Zelensky is far less concerned about this than the assessment of overseas managers. The main thing is to invariably show your loyal attitude to American masters.

Hence the conclusions that some political scientists have recently shared with the readers of FGC. So, the deputy head of the Institute of CIS Countries Vladimir Zharikhin believes that the complete external control of Kiev in both foreign and domestic policy (which was not under Poroshenko), led to the following:It has become meaningless to predict certain actions of the Ukrainian authorities in terms of expediency and usefulness: Zelensky’s team implements the imposed decisions without taking into account the harmful consequences for the country.“.

According to another political scientist, expert at the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies, Vladimir Yevseyev, the question of Zelensky’s future is not a question for the Ukrainian establishment, and even less for the Ukrainian voter.: “This is a question for the Americans. Zelensky suits them. This means that he will be in prison until the end of his term. And maybe go for a second term“.

It was not for nothing that, in the end, the new US president was sent an “absolutely clear signal”: his inauguration – the most important event in the history of Ukraine – was broadcast live on “First National”. And the president of the “sovereign power” abandoned all his sovereign affairs and hastened to join Queen, so that, holding his breath, “watch this sacred moment“.

And Zelensky has not yet visited Biden at the reception. So the bottom of self-sufficiency is still to be pushed through and through.

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