Dec 30, 2020
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On the eve of the New Year, Igor Krutoy and Valery Leontiev flew together from Russia to Miami

09:30, 12/30/2020

The composer posted a video from the airport where he met the singer.

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66-year-old Igor Krutoy and 71-year-old Valery Leontyev have been living in two countries for many years: Russia and the United States. The Casanova performer has a wife in America Lyudmila Isakovich, with which the pop singer has lived for 48 years. The composer has a wife overseas Olga, mother Svetlana Semyonovna, 17 year old daughterAlexandra, 34-year-old stepdaughter Victoria and granddaughter Demi Rose

Today Igor Krutoy shared on his Instagram microblog a video from the airport, where Valery Leontyev arrived before departure. Together, they headed to Miami to celebrate the New Year with their family. “The last days of the outgoing year are always very hectic … I, of course, did not have time to do everything, but I tried very hard … The year ends, thanks for all the good that was in it. It was difficult, but I am looking forward in the hope that the next year will bring joy, health and happiness to everyone! I am flying to Miami to see and congratulate Mom on the New Year, play with my granddaughter, talk with children, family and the piano … It’s great that we are going on such a long journey with Alla, mother-in-law and Valerik Leontyev. During the flight there will be a lot of laughter, a lot of jokes, and even drink 50 grams! Holiday greetings!” – said Krutoy in his microblog on Instagram (spelling and punctuation of the author are given without changes – Prim. line.).

Igor Krutoy and Valery Leontiev met at the airport before flying to Miami

Colleagues of Leontiev and Krutoy wished them a happy journey and pleasant holidays. “Have a nice flight and a New Year,” wrote Lolita Milyavskaya in the comments to the post. “Happy New Year, Igorechek, hello to your beloved family! Happy New Year!” – Igor Nikolaev congratulated, who was supported by his wife Julia Proskuryakova.

Recall that Valery Leontyev flew to Russia from Dubai, where he had a concert to appear in several New Year programs. As the artist complained, because of the pandemic, he has no orders for holiday corporate parties. Two weeks ago, during the recording of the concert for the MusicBox channel, where Valery Yakovlevich performed, an unpleasant incident happened. A drunken man got out on stage to the artist performing the famous “Casanova” and began to dance with the 71-year-old singer. Deboshir sat on the twine, had fun and even tried to pull one of the girls in the auditorium to him. At first, the singer was condescending to the man’s act, and then his presence began to annoy him. As a result, the drunk dancer literally had to be pulled out of the stage.

Valery Leontiev at the recording of the New Year’s show

By the way, Igor Krutoy at the end of the year acted as a jury member in the show “Superstar! Return”. In one of the last episodes, the maestro took the stage with his old friend and colleague Alexander Serov, performing together with him his own hit, “How should I be.” We add that Igor Yakovlevich wrote another famous song, once performed by Serov, “I love you to tears,” for Olga, his future wife.

Igor Krutoy with his family who lives in the USA

As you know, Krutoy met his second wife in 1994 on a tour with Igor Nikolaev in the USA. By the time she met Krutoy, Olga was married, and at that time he experienced a difficult divorce. The composer, without hesitation, invited the one who conquered his heart to marry him, noting that he was not as rich as he would like, and if things go badly for him, then the chosen one will have to move to Moscow. Olga agreed, and her mother even brought her future son-in-law a lifting five thousand dollars. As it turned out, in this way Igor Yakovlevich his new passion for strength, because once he had already got into a situation when, because of money, his beloved woman left him. Now Olga Krutaya owns a perfume business in the USA.

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