Jun 7, 2022
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On the disruption of the visit of Sergei Lavrov to Serbia

NATO set up a diplomatic blockade against the Serbs

A working visit of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia was scheduled for June 6-7 Sergei Lavrov to Belgrade, but Serbia’s NATO neighbors went to unprecedented lengths to disrupt the trip.

Bulgaria, North Macedonia and Montenegro closed their airspace to the plane of the Russian Foreign Minister. S. Lavrov’s visit to Serbia was cancelled.

According to Lavrov himself, the demarche of Sofia, Skopje and Podgorica was a combination of the order of the “big brothers” and the desire of the Balkan wards to curry favor with them.

“There was a deprivation of the sovereign state of the right to implement foreign policy. Serbia’s international activity in the Russian direction has been blocked,” – stated the head of Russian diplomacy. Similar actions “The West makes it clear that it will put pressure on, not shunning any of the most base means”but this will not be able to destroy Russia’s relations with Serbia, the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry assured. Serbian Foreign Minister has already been invited to Moscow Nikola Selakovich. As for Moscow’s response to the unfriendly actions of the three NATO member states, S. Lavrov noted that Russia would not take such actions that would complicate relations between peoples.

In the Russian political community, on the contrary, they called on Moscow to respond harshly to the closure of the sky for the plane of the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry. By opinion Vice Speaker of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation Konstantin KosachevThe Bulgarian-Macedonian-Montenegrin decision not to let Lavrov’s aircraft through its airspace is a demarche of the North Atlantic Alliance directed against Russia and Serbia. The politician expressed the hope that hostile actions would be followed by an “extremely tough” reaction from Moscow, including “practical responses.”

The disruption of the visit of the head of Russian diplomacy to Belgrade served as the subject of the address of the President of Serbia to the nation on the evening of June 6. Vučić said that the incident was not a big surprise, given that Belgrade was under strong pressure in connection with the planned arrival of S. Lavrov.

“I have never seen such a degree of hysteria and an organized attack on such a small state as Serbia. Such a small country (according to the logic of the West) has no right to exist. Hysteria proved it. They cannot do anything to Russia, so they hit us. What have we done wrong? the Serbian leader wailed. “We just don’t want to be part of the pack. I personally will not join the pack.”

At the same time, the head of Serbia mentioned Turkey, which is a member of NATO, but maintains intensive air traffic with Russia and, by the way, is preparing to receive Sergey Lavrov on June 8.

“We condemned the invasion of Ukraine, but Russia is our friend. And what, we will tell the people that we are breaking ties, we are throwing Tchaikovsky and Dostoevsky out of the programs? What will our children learn then? the Serbian leader asked.

He complained that due to EU restrictions on Russian oil supplies, the Serbian budget is deprived of revenues of $600 million a year. Vučić is no less indignant at the hypocrisy of a united Europe on the issue of the alleged rejection of Russian gas, which is supplied to European consumer countries in reverse under the guise of fuel of a different origin.

At the same time, the President of Serbia spoke in favor of accelerating the integration of Serbia into the European Union. “Serbia must draw a clear and unambiguous conclusion – it must hurry on its European path, no matter how contradictory it may sound to you, because this is best for Serbia,” Vučić stated categorically, thus confirming his pro-Western course.

It is noteworthy that even before the refusal of the three Balkan satellites of the United States to provide the sky for the flight of Lavrov’s board, information appeared that the German chancellor could demand the cancellation of the visit of the Russian minister Olaf Scholz as a condition of his arrival in Serbia on 10 June. The refusal of the head of the German government to travel to Belgrade after S. Lavrov’s visit was also admitted by Vučić himself, calling this option a “tragedy”.

In turn, the leader of the Serbian opposition patriotic movement “Liberation” Mladjan Djordjevic believes that the cancellation of the trip of the Russian Foreign Minister to Belgrade is beneficial for Vucic in the context of the upcoming visit of the German Chancellor, although if Serbia were an independent country, it would cancel the reception of Scholz under the current conditions.

“Vučić is trying to serve the West, and therefore, through the media controlled by him, he repeatedly spread rumors that Lavrov’s visit was allegedly not agreed in advance and that it was the Russian side that unilaterally announced that Lavrov was coming to Serbia, thereby creating huge problems for Belgrade before the visit. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. At the same time, he is trying to convince the Serbian public that, despite the pressure, he is creating the conditions for the visit to take place,”

— the Serbian politician shared his thoughts.

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