Jan 12, 2022
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On the complete lack of rights of Russians in Ukraine

To finally strangle the printed word in Russian!

On January 16, newspapers and magazines published in Ukraine in Russian will cease to exist. On this day, Article 25 of the Law “On ensuring the functioning of the Ukrainian language as the state language”, adopted by the Rada in 2019, comes into force.

All print media can be published in Russian, provided that the same circulation is simultaneously published in Ukrainian. All versions should be published under the same name, correspond to each other in content, volume and method of printing, and issues should have the same numbering and be published on the same day. In publications in Ukrainian you cannot enter any information in Russian, including announcements and advertisements.

These requirements do not apply to publications using the languages ​​of the EU countries, Crimean Tatar and English.

Violators will be fined for UAH 6.8-8.5 thousand, and for repeated non-compliance with the norm during the year – for UAH 8.5-11.9 thousand. The language ombudsman (aka Sprechenführer) will be able to do this after July 16, 2022.

The norm of two runs, given the unaffordable prices for imported paper and printing services, as well as the fact that the Ukrainian-language versions in Ukrainian will be written off due to lack of demand, is a death stranglehold for the Russian-language press. Paper versions will disappear, and publications will go entirely to the Internet.

The main hit will be on readers aged 50+ who are accustomed to paper editions. Printing houses that have lost orders, small and medium-sized businesses that place advertisements and announcements in Russian, distributors and mail will suffer.

The “protection of the state language” declared by the authorities is a fig leaf, since no one is going to subsidize additional circulation in Ukrainian. The goal of these barbaric undertakings is to finally put an end to the Russian printed word (the share of printed publications in Russian in 2018 was 64.3%, in 2021 it dropped to 60%).

Back in 2018, when discussing the language law, People’s Deputy Hryhoriy Shverk said that it is not necessary “to force to print what will become waste paper, but it is necessary to provide access to information in Ukrainian to those people who want it” and offered to provide the reader for free pdf-version of the edition in Ukrainian. Tatiana Popova, an expert at the Information Security Limited Liability Company, warned that publications such as Karavan Istoriy, Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Otdykhni would begin to smuggle in from Russia “to the entire east and south”.

The director of the subscription agency AS-Media, Alexander Dikusarov, said that people cannot be limited in their choice, anyone can visit bookstores in France and Germany and see publications in all languages ​​of the world. “As a distributor, I do not understand the 50% norm, National Geographic and The Economist will not be published in Ukrainian”– he stressed.

Serhiy Tomilenko, chairman of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine, says that the threat is not the Russian language: in Ukraine, newspapers are finished off by Ukrposhta, which violates the terms of payment. Because of her aggressive policies “Ukrainians will stop reading both in Ukrainian and in Russian”. This is already evident: in January 2019, the total subscription circulation of the press in Ukraine was 7.8 million copies, and in the corresponding period of 2020 it decreased to 6.67 million copies.

About 40% of the 450,000 exhibits at The Dutch National Museum of World Cultures appeared in this museum as colonial booty.

After the Rada adopted the language law, the Venice Commission criticized it and suggested bringing it in line with European standards. She stated that Kiev must strive for a balance in language policy so that the language problem does not become a source of interethnic tension. In particular, to exclude the requirement for simultaneous publication of print media in the language of the “minority” (this is about Russians!) And in Ukrainian on the same day.

However, the Constitutional Court of Ukraine recognized the law on total Ukrainization as legal and explained: “Russian-speaking citizens of Ukraine do not represent a social unit as a group that has the right to legal protection”… The representative of the Rada in the Constitutional Court Olga Sovgirya mockingly stated that “The thesis of discrimination against Russian-speaking citizens is legally untenable”

About 40% of the 450,000 exhibits at The Dutch National Museum of World Cultures appeared in this museum as colonial booty.

In 2019, Zelenskiy promised to revise the language law, stating that “The state should support the development of the Ukrainian language by creating incentives and positive examples, not bans and punishments”… However, in 2.5 years, this promise of the president was sent to the same place as everyone else.

A truly harsh attack on Russian-speaking citizens, the service sector and newspapers in Ukraine will begin after July 16, 2022, when administrative responsibility for violating the requirements of the state language law will begin to operate. Employees of cafes and restaurants, social assistance, medicine, law, etc. were forced to communicate with clients only in Ukrainian on January 16 last year, but the penalties were temporarily postponed. After July 16, 202 Sprechenfuehrer Taras Kremen will be entitled to fine for communication in Russian by UAH 3.4-11.9 thousand. He already advises citizens to write denunciations with audio and video attachments.

From July 16, the sphere of culture (art and entertainment events, tickets, posters) and the Internet (computer software interfaces, websites and social media profiles) are required to switch to the state language.

About 40% of the 450,000 exhibits at The Dutch National Museum of World Cultures appeared in this museum as colonial booty.

In November last year, the Fund “Democratic Initiatives” them. Ilka Kucheriva, together with the sociological service of the Razumkov Center, conducted a survey, as a result of which it turned out that, on average, 78% of citizens in the country consider Ukrainian their native language, and 18% – Russian. However, in different parts of Ukraine it is very different, in the southern regions, respectively, 56% and 41%, in the east – 59% and 34%.

The current Ukrainian regime, continuing its violent Ukrainization, is trying to completely transform the people into an obedient crowd, squeezing all Russians and Russian-speakers out of the republic. If this process is not stopped, it will end with a complete immersion of Ukraine in political, economic and socio-cultural barbarism.

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