May 20, 2020
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On the anniversary of the presidency of Zelensky Donbass prepared for a new war

In the Donbass - an escalation of the conflict. The self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk people's republics brought their troops on full alert. This was stated by the head of the DPR Denis Pushilin. According to him, Ukraine over 250 times violated the ceasefire from the beginning of the month, which led to civilian casualties. The representative of Ukraine at the talks in Minsk Leonid Kuchma urgently collects a meeting.


According to Pushilin , the Ukrainian side is actively using weapons prohibited by the Minsk agreements, including large-caliber artillery. Residents of the settlements of Spartak, Sakhanka, Aleksandrovka and Elenovka were under fire. “Only in the 19 days of May a woman died and 11 a person was injured of varying severity. OSCE SMM reports confirm that all victims among the civilian population are residents republics, "said the head of the DPR. He emphasized that the self-proclaimed republics cannot “endlessly display peacefulness unilaterally” while citizens are suffering.

According to Eduard Basurin, deputy head of the People’s Police Department, round-the-clock duty has been established and guarded strategic facilities, headquarters and command posts, additional posts are set up and organized patrolling. In addition, servicemen located at the training grounds and in the training areas have been returned to their garrisons, and personnel have been recalled from vacations and business trips. Weapons and military equipment were put into combat status.

A day earlier, 19 on May, the head of the LPR, Leonid Pasechnik, published a video message to the Ukrainian president urging him to stop shelling settlements and objects civilian infrastructure. According to him, 16 on May, the Ukrainian military damaged the Mikhailovka-Kommunarskaya transmission line, which fed a number of social facilities, as well as the residential sector. And then, despite the agreements to provide security, the APU fired twice on the repair team, which eliminated the consequences.

At the same time, the self-declared republics themselves reacted calmly to the statements of the leadership. According to the Donbass journalist Konstantin Dolgov, there is nothing special in the decision to put the troops on alert. “Well, they increased readiness and raised. So what? There will be nothing serious,” he told MK.

Statements by leaders of the self-proclaimed republics fell on the anniversary of Zelensky’s inauguration. He positioned himself as president, who will bring the long-awaited peace to the east of the country. During this time, he really managed to achieve some success: the exchange of prisoners continued, and in several areas, the troops were withdrawn. But in the last month, the Contact Group has not been able to agree not only on the subsequent withdrawal of troops, but also on the cessation of shelling. Last week, the renewed composition of the Ukrainian group completely disrupted the Minsk talks.

But how experts assess the situation:

Vadim Karasev, director of the Ukrainian “ Institute of Global Strategies ”:

- Donetsk and Lugansk are trying to say that Zelensky did not solve the problem in the Donbass and did not fulfill his campaign promise to establish peace in Ukraine. This is a purely propaganda move. Of course, there were shootings, but there is a fairly large element of propaganda. As for the Minsk talks, one must be indulgent here, since quarantine has limited opportunities. In defense of Zelensky, I want to say that he is trying to negotiate, and not imitate them, as Poroshenko did. The status of the delegation was quite unrepresentative. Today, there are deputy prime minister, ministers, chairmen of committees of the Verkhovna Rada. Zelensky has not yet found a solution for the elections in the Donbass, but the fact that he is not involved in imitation must also be admitted.

Kirill Molchanov, a Kiev political scientist:

- This is not the first and, unfortunately, not the last aggravation. Zelensky said Kuchma was urgently convening a meeting. The fact that this is not a provocation, at least says that shelling usually happens before meetings in Minsk, and not after .. Zelensky says that after quarantine meetings in the “Norman form” will resume, but this is hardly possible now, because they have not been fulfilled Paris Summit arrangements. So far, everything suggests that there are no achievements. The president’s statement on Plan B is more like a bluff because the situation has not been resolved for a year. Therefore, so far, to be honest, there are more questions than answers.

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