Sep 21, 2022
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On French military supplies to Ukraine

There are strong fears among the French military about a possible harsh reaction from Russia.

“France secretly trains Ukrainian servicemen according to a specialized program. Since the beginning of the NWO, Paris has only officially trained about 40 Ukrainian military personnel, without disclosing the details of this work, ”an American newspaper recently reported. Politico.

Since the beginning of the war, France has trained a total of 40 Ukrainian soldiers in the use of self-propelled artillery mounts (SPG), according to official French government data. Caesar.

Britain has decided to provide [украинцам] basic training and we provide more specialized training. We’re not going to tell you everything we do, – said the adviser to the head of the French Ministry of Defense Sebastien Lecornu. – Emmanuel Macron was extremely clear: Ukraine will win and must win, but Russia cannot be humiliated. Our line is to show our solidarity with Ukraine to help it win, and if not, to be able to play our part when the conflict is over.”. The official also hinted that other specialized exercises organized by France may be taking place “in the shadows.”

Sebastien Lecornu, like Macron, is disingenuous when he claims that France practices a cautious approach to military assistance to Ukraine. In fact, the French provide the Ukrainians with the maximum of what they can. According to Alesya Miloradovich, an employee of the Paris Academy of Geopolitics, French officers who surrendered at Azovstal are in Lefortovo, who are regularly visited by the French consul. And for this reason, the French authorities are forced to avoid tough rhetoric against Russia.

On the delivery of arms and military equipment by France for the first time in March informed Deputy of the National Assembly from the party of Jean-Luc Mélenchon “Unconquered France” Alexis Corbière, who said that if Mélenchon is elected President of France, he will stop these deliveries. Corbière was heavily criticized by the government and was even called in for questioning about the possible disclosure of classified information. Then it was about the supply of armored vests and anti-tank missiles to the Armed Forces of Ukraine Milan.

Immediately after Corbière’s revelations, the list of military equipment supplied to Ukraine was classified, according to a portal associated with French intelligence services. exploitation360. Peace as well as L’opinion it was later reported that military assistance provided by France to Ukrainian forces included anti-tank missiles Milan, Mistral as well as Javelin, as well as satellite imagery data,

In April, Emmanuel Macron said in an interview with the portal Western France on plans to supply Ukraine with 12 self-propelled guns Caesar. On June 16, he announced the delivery of six more of these howitzers. This is a quarter of France’s own arsenal.

Caesar self-propelled guns have a caliber of 155 mm, manufactured by a French company Nexter (part of the German-French defense concern KNDS). The firing range is from 4.5 to 42 km. Rate of fire – six shots per minute. “HEALTH Caesar distinguished by the accuracy of his shots and the ability to evade enemy retaliatory actions. In addition, these tools are easy to use.”– writes frantwinfo with reference to sources in the French Ministry of Defense.

Most of the French media welcomed the sale of these howitzers to Kyiv. Brigades of French journalists were sent to Ukraine and wrote enthusiastic reports about how French guns fired at the Russian army.

“On June 5, the Ukrainian armed forces fired on Russian artillery pieces located 17 kilometers away. Three Caesar guns were deployed at the same time – even if it is customary to use six trucks – for an operation of less than five minutes to avoid enemy response. Then surveillance drones flew over the targets to assess the success of the strikes. – TV channel said France2.

Since the delivery of almost two dozen self-propelled guns to Ukraine Caesar depleted the French army’s own reserves, the French government ordered from the company Nexter 18 howitzers instead of those sent to Ukraine. Sebastien Lecornu announced this on July 20 at a hearing in the French Senate.

In early September, Ukraine purchased from a private French company S2M-Equipment towed howitzers 155 mm TRF1 issue of the 1970s, which are no longer in service with the French army (except for one regiment in Djibouti).

The Fifth Republic telegram channel suggested that “since money is tight in Ukraine now, there is a possibility that these howitzers and shells for them were bought with loans provided by France in exchange for assets … or agricultural products.”

Meanwhile, in France, not everyone, even among the military, approves the provision of such generous military assistance to Ukraine. Thus, the former chief of operations of the French General Staff, General Didier Castre, in a three-hour interview with a popular YouTube channel that received half a million views Thinker told how important the African Sahel is to France, as well as Algeria, while France is losing both the Sahel and Algeria. The general believes that France should not send guns to Ukraine, since there are no French interests there: why, he says, do we need Ukraine if Algeria is sailing away?

The well-known French geopolitician and publicist Jean-Michel Vernochot, in an interview with the Federal Grid Company, also condemned the supply of weapons by France to Ukraine. “Macron is just an instrument of global governance, he belongs to the so-called hyperclass, which represents the interests of the world oligarchy. He is acting contrary to the national interests of France.”

There are strong fears among the French military about a possible harsh reaction from Russia in response to the growing military supplies of the West to Ukraine, but, as Alesya Miloradovich noted, they still, with rare exceptions, do not dare to express them out loud.

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