May 15, 2020
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On Family Day, Tymoshenko showed her husband, and Shmygal reflected on how the coronavirus pandemic changed us

Ukrainian politicians on their International Family Day, which is celebrated on 10 in May, showed their relatives and reflected on the topic of family values ​​and the benefits of self-isolation.

Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmygal shared an illustrative photo. His wife Ekaterina, with whom he 15 years, and the head of the government did not show two children. The family of a politician lives in Lviv, where he comes from. Shmygal’s wife is engaged in business, she is a co-owner of the Kamenetskaya Bakery company. The eldest daughter of the prime minister, Anna studied at the International Lyceum. Vasily Stus, and in 584 she entered the Lviv Polytechnic National University. The prime minister’s youngest daughter is in school.

“Before the pandemic, it seemed that we would still have time to go to mom and dad, there would still be time to walk in the park with the children, with a brother and sister talking on the phone would be enough - writes Shmygal. “You should not waste time, because the simple and affordable in our changing world can quickly become unattainable. I think many people around the world have realized that family is the greatest value."

The Head of the Cabinet of Ministers urged everyone to remember about family values, about happy experiences and happy moments together.

Min Page Youth and Sports Vadim Gutzeit was more verbose. In a post, he noted his wife - TV presenter Oksana Gutzeit. Spouses bring up two children: 10 - summer Elina and 10 - summer Mark.

"Family Day! For me this holiday is one of the most valuable. After all, it is the family - the main the meaning of our life.My Parents, who gave me life, raised and taught to be a real man.My Wife, who loves me, supports me and I know that she will always be there to prevent things from happening in our life.And my children, for whose sake I reach the heights, I go to the goal and always work hard to make them proud of me. My brother, who, though far away, is feeling I’m like we are a single organism. Take care of your Family - this is the best and most valuable thing in the life of each of us! "- wrote the Minister.

Former head of the National Security and Defense Council Alexander Turchinov told what the word family means in his understanding.

- Family is first and foremost, - love, trust , development, a sense of home and tranquility. Family is the future of Ukraine! Happy holiday! - He noted on a Facebook page.

The ex-official is married to Anna Turchinova, who heads the department of foreign languages ​​at the National Pedagogical University named after Mikhail Drahomanov. The spouses have 20 - a summer son, Cyril, who was an activist of the People's Youth Front GO. Recently, the heir to the politician wrote a novel about the human superpowers "Electi".

The head of the "Fatherland" Yulia Tymoshenko was laconic. She published a family picture, signing it with just one sentence: "Happy International Family Day. Take care of your dearest!" The picture shows her husband, businessman Alexander and daughter Eugene. The heiress of Tymoshenko was married twice. Her first husband was a British rock musician and owner of several stores, Sean Carr. Currently, Zhenya is married to a man named Arthur. The head of the "Fatherland" has two grandchildren - 4-year-old Eva and a one-year-old boy.


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