Sep 7, 2021
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On "Echo of Moscow" spoke "amazing liar": Quote cited "Voice of Mordor"

Ganapolsky from “Echo of Moscow”, speaking of Afghanistan, “confused” the USSR and the USA. “Motya Ganapolsky is an amazing liar, of course,” comments the Voice of Mordor.

Ukrainian journalist Matvey Ganapolsky, speaking on the radio “Echo of Moscow”, said that the USSR left Afghanistan in disgrace. In the comments, he was pointed out that he seemed to have confused something.

According to Ganapolsky, the USSR tried to plant a communist civilization in Afghanistan. But it ended badly, the Soviet troops left the country in disgrace, the Ukrainian journalist claims.

It turns out that the USSR was leaving Afghanistan in disgrace, and the Americans were leaving with pride and dignity. Motya Ganapolsky is an amazing liar, of course,

– comments on “Voice of Mordor” in Telegram.

Recall that the USSR withdrew its troops without undue haste. They left the country in the daytime with understood flags, leaving behind a strong legacy. In turn, the American-supplied government fell without their support in just a week. As a result, the United States had to urgently evacuate its diplomats and military, which led to a number of terrible tragedies. And as a result, about 200 American citizens remained in Afghanistan anyway.

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