Feb 23, 2021
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On Defender of the Fatherland Day, Irina Dubtsova for the first time in a long time published a photo with her son

12:09, 23.02.2021

The singer congratulated everyone on the holiday.

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Irina Dubtsova, 39, is raising a 14-year-old son Artem… Despite the fact that the singer tries to spend all her free time with the child, she rarely shows his photos in her microblog on Instagram. However, today Dubtsova decided to make an exception.

So, Irina published a photo with Artem, which was taken during the presentation of the singer’s new album. Under the picture, the star congratulated everyone on Defender of the Fatherland Day. “HAPPY HOLIDAY, OUR DEFENDERS”, – signed the photo with Dubtsov’s son (spelling and punctuation of the author hereinafter are given unchanged. – Prim. row.).

Irina Dubtsova with her son Artem

Recall that in 2007 Dubtsova first became a mother, giving her husband, Roman Chernitsyn, a son, Artyom. After the birth of the child, the couple broke up. However, Dubtsova notes that she is grateful to her ex-husband for Artyom and notes that only from him such a beautiful and artistic child could have turned out.

By the way, Irina’s son is fond of music and wants to become an artist. And Dubtsova is going to help Artem in this. She sees nothing wrong with star parents helping their children to become artists, because they have musical genes.

Irina Dubtsova with her ex-husband and son

It is worth noting that there were always a lot of rumors around Dubtsova’s personal life. She was repeatedly credited with novels with colleagues in the workshop, which the artist either denied or left without comment. So, in A number of media outlets have repeatedly reported that in 2001 Irina had an affair with the soloist of the Ivanushki International group, Oleg Yakovlev. The couple met on the set of the video for the band “Two bottomless oceans of eyes”. Around their union, speculation constantly appeared that it was supposedly a PR romance. The musicians themselves even confirmed that there was no relationship between them. However, at the end of November last year, Dubtsova said that her romance with Oleg was not a PR and she was really in love with the singer.

Oleg Yakovlev and Irina Dubtsova

We add that in July last year there was information that Dubtsova had an affair with Timati during the “Star Factory” tour. Usually, after three months of shooting, young musicians toured with concerts in Russian cities. So, the producer Olesya Sazykina spoke about the secret connection of the two manufacturers. She assured that there was a very close relationship between Timati and Irina. According to the producer, the singer was seen at night leaving the room of the future founder of the Black Star label. However, neither Timati nor Dubtsova commented on the interview with Sazykina.

Irina Dubtsova and Timati

In addition, Dubtsova met with the owner of dental clinics for several years. Tigran Malyants… However, he was too influenced by his ex-wife, who could not come to terms with his departure. And although Irina does not consider herself to be guilty of their breakup, she was not ready to live under the same roof with Tigran’s twelve-year-old daughter. After parting, they remained good friends. Soon Irina had a new man, a businessman Konstantin Svarevsky… Relations with him did not work out due to the fact that the boyfriend wanted to force Irina to quit the stage.

Now Irina is trying not to advertise her personal life. The artist admits that while she has no man. Now the star spends all her time on new creativity and raising her son.

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