Apr 2, 2021
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On April 1, the Russian blockbuster “Major Grom: The Plague Doctor” was released

On April 1, the opening Russian blockbuster Major Rumble: The Plague Doctor was released, released as a comic book series. Record views are predicted for the film.

On April 1, the Russian blockbuster

The film tells the story of Police Major Igor Grokhot, who fights for justice in accordance with his code of honor, which does not allow him to overstep borders unnecessarily. The hero fought Tikhon Zhiznevsky.

However, along with the war for the justice of Thunder, in St. Petersburg a certain Plague Doctor in a characteristic nosed guise is treating the city from lawlessness. His methods are tough and uncompromising, but the city does not become more important from his treatment.

Igor Grom will have to stop the Plague Doctor. There are countless thrilling moments in the film, which do not leave the viewer indifferent. According to those who have already watched the picture, the canvas in humor and dynamics is not inferior to Hollywood blockbusters.

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