Apr 20, 2021
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Olga Zarubina: Alexander Malinin – henpecked

Russian performer Olga Zarubina claims that her former faithful, singer Alexander Malinin is influenced by her current wife Emma, ​​therefore she does not go along with her blood daughter.

Olga Zarubina: Alexander Malinin - henpecked

Recall that Olga was another Malinin’s woman, they got married in 1983, and two years later Zarubina’s daughter Kira was divorced. Their union lasted a total of five years, but Alexander retired from the family when his daughter was only nine months old. Since then, the musician has not been with Kira.

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Olga says that Emma interferes with communication with their daughter. She noted that Alexander never hesitated that this was his daughter, but he portrays henpecked, so he does not decide anything in the situation that has developed. If it were not for Emma, ​​he would have been with Kira, Zarubina emphasized.

All 25 years, the daughter was raised by Olga’s other husband, Vladimir Evdokimov. She believes that Malin’s century was weak-willed and even now her wife is trembling.

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Olga’s individual life did not work out, she was married three times, but all relationships ended very badly.

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