Oct 25, 2021
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Olga Seryabkina told how her pregnancy goes


Singer Olga Seryabkina can hardly endure changes in her figure.

The ex-soloist of the SEREBRO group, and now an independent singer Olga Seryabkina, shared how her first pregnancy is going on. The star revealed on her blog that it helps her fight hormonal surges and how she accepted her rounded figure.

The singer is not used to advertising her personal life. Only in September 36-year-old Olga Seryabkina declassified her pregnancy. But what is really there pregnancy, even a wedding with businessman Georgy Nachkebia played secretly in Austria. Olga protected her “interesting” position from prying eyes until her stomach was rounded. She is now 9 months pregnant.

The artist knows firsthand how hard it is to accept herself in a “new” body. “When you see changes in the body against the background of playing hormones, this can be a problem.“, – says Olga.

The singer on her blog shared tips on how to accept your body during pregnancy. Olga admitted that she is trying to protect herself from stress.

Pregnant Olga Seryabkina
Pregnant Olga Seryabkina

The star said that the news of pregnancy can be stressful, “even when you and your husband wanted and planned a baby.” “It is one thing to want and plan, it is quite another to be in a position,” says Seryabkina.

According to her, the psyche and hormones can react in different ways to a change in the body. The performer advises to accept yourself in this state, because this amazing moment in life lasts only 9 months.

The best thing that can be is to enjoy your pregnancy, no matter how it goes. It is physically easy for someone, but harder for someone. At such moments, it is very important to live this period with great love for yourself, the unborn child and in general everything that happens.“, – says Seryabkina with inspiration.

Also, the future star mother mentioned her well-being during this important period. Olga noted that she does not limit herself much, since she tolerates pregnancy well.

Olga Seryabkina is happy to emphasize that she really likes her figure with a rounded belly. She feels very attractive. “Surprisingly, during pregnancy, I really don’t miss a single mirror. I enjoy myself as much as possible and seem very beautiful to myself! Is it so important! I sincerely wish this to all pregnant women! I just want to look at myself and see how my belly grows, how he and I change every week, and in periods and every day!“, – the expectant mother says happily.

Seryabkina is sure that it is extremely important to love yourself during pregnancy, as this helps the correct psychological mood and affects the development of the child. She admitted that the most difficult thing during pregnancy was to protect herself from stress. “This greatly influences the formation of the future person inside, on his personality and future qualities. In a child, you can form some kind of fear or, conversely, self-confidence!“, – says the singer.

The pregnant Seryabkina confessed that if the mood “jumps”, it can be calmly controlled: “Although small speculations in such a situation are legal, and I am law-abiding”.

The main thing is to take care and love yourself“, – Olga, inspired by pregnancy, reminded her fans.

We will remind, Olga Seryabkina and Georgy Nachkebia secretly got married in early 2019, and publicly announced this in the fall of 2020. The secret wedding ceremony took place in Austria, near Vienna. Georgy Nachkebia and Olga Seryabkina have known each other for many years. He was her concert director, but the couple became close after Olga left the MALFA label of Maxim Fadeev. Now Georgy is engaged in various projects: from show business to high technologies.

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