Sep 23, 2022
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Olga Orlova was suspected of simulating pregnancy


The singer and presenter Olga Orlova was not believed by the fans.

On September 23, the artist announced her second pregnancy. But before a few hours had passed, the public attacked the star, accusing her of lying. Many believe that the host of “DOMA-2” invented the news about an interesting situation …

Olga Orlova wanted to share her personal happiness, and in response she received criticism and reproaches. Netizens said that the artist allegedly invented the pregnancy to attract attention.

Her figure has not changed, especially from the back, even the waist is! At a young age, this is possible, but for those over forty, it is unlikely, so I believe that the stomach is not real ”; “If Olga was pregnant, and not a surrogate mother, she would hide the situation, and here – “I am pregnant, here is the proof”; “It can be seen from the side that the stomach is invoice”, subscribers are outraged.

The 44-year-old host of DOM-2 did not tolerate rudeness in her address. “Everyone has his own choice: to believe in what is or in what he invented himself! As I understand it, until you take off your underpants to show your stomach, smart people will insist on their versions of what is happening in my life.”, – answered the ex-soloist of the “Brilliant”.

The singer not only answered the dirty gossip, but also put the ill-wishers in their place. For example, Orlova personally turned to a young man who wrote that it was too late for her to give birth. “My bunny, a nightmare – for a boy of 22 to paint his lips! And everything else is less scary”, — quipped the celebrity.

Olga also asked the spiteful critics to unsubscribe from her account and not to follow someone else’s life. “Why are all “happy moms and wives” so angry?!“- the artist is perplexed.

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