Nov 15, 2022
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Olga Orlova was cursed by her ex-lover


Singer and presenter Olga Orlova spoke about a difficult divorce.

Now the famous singer is expecting a baby from her second husband Valery.

Pregnant singer Olga Orlova spoke about the difficult divorce from her first husband. According to the artist, the reason for this, in particular, was youth.

Now Orlova, along with her second husband, is expecting a baby. Before meeting Valery, Olga was in the status of a single mother for many years, because she has a son from her first marriage. The singer gave all her strength to him and to his work. But in the end she met her man, who surrounded her with affection and care.

But many years ago in show business they whispered that Olga Orlova was not destined to find her happiness again. The fact is that the singer was cursed by her former lover, businessman Alexander Karmanov. A man once left his stripper girlfriend for an affair with Orlova. Angry Natalya Lagoda tried to commit suicide several times, remained disabled and eventually died of pneumonia. Before that, the woman went on TV channels and tried to denigrate the singer, the Woman portal writes.

Olga Orlova - photo from the archive -
Olga Orlova – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

At first, everything did not go very well for Olga. She broke up with Karmanov, got married, gave birth to a son and … divorced. However, Olga herself believes that Natalya’s curses have nothing to do with it.

We were very young. I was 21, he was 25. I was then kicked out of the group. It was important for me to do my own thing. I was “sharpened” for the wrong things. We should have focused on the family, but we broke up”, – the star beauty now recalls.

As a result, Orlova managed to find her female happiness, although the path to it turned out to be difficult, thorny and full of trials.

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