Oct 30, 2021
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Olga Orlova told what kind of men she likes


The presenter and singer Olga Orlova admitted that at some point she put an end to her personal life.

The TV presenter teaches the DOM-2 participants daily to build love. At the same time, she herself was unlucky for a very long time on the personal front. As the artist admitted, at some point she even despaired and gave up on herself.

There is definitely love, but I doubted that I could meet the man of my dreams. So I was ready to be alone“, – said the TV presenter.

Not so much is known about Orlova’s personal life. In the 2000s, she had an affair with businessman Alexander Karmanov, from whom she gave birth to a son. After parting with the entrepreneur, Olga did not advertise the relationship for a long time.

Olga Orlova in a swimsuit
Olga Orlova in a swimsuit

Only last year it turned out that Orlova was dating a businessman named Valery. The lovers were noticed several times at a common get-together, but they still continued to hide the connection. Only occasionally did Olga tell me that she was happy in her personal life.

The artist has always emphasized that the decisiveness of the chosen one, his inner strength, has a special role for her. “I believe that a man should win my attention and my desire to continue communication. I love initiative and strong men who take matters into their own hands. Others don’t attract me“, – said the TV presenter.

According to her ideals, Orlova is also raising a son. This year Artyom is 20 years old, and he is the main joy of the star mother. The artist often talks about the success of the heir, believing that she raised him as a real man.

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