Apr 18, 2021
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Olga Orlova told after what date she will have sex


Presenter Olga Orlova started talking about an intimate topic.

The TV presenter, at the suggestion of her subscribers, spoke on a rather intimate topic. The star shared her point of view on the intimate relationship between a man and a woman during an interactive Instagram story.

One of the subscribers asked the star on which date, according to Olga, it is worth entering into an intimate relationship so as not to seem an accessible woman. Orlova made it clear that the issue was not at all about the number of meetings.

Olga Orlova in bikini
Olga Orlova in bikini

Remember, when there is intimacy, the woman always decides, – wrote Olga Orlova. – For me personally, intimacy is impossible without trust and love. It’s pointless for me to have sex for sex. But with a beloved man – completely different emotions!

Olga Orlova herself has long been in love. Her romance with a businessman named Valery is two years old.

And the TV presenter began to speak more openly about this. She frankly admits that there is a man in her life who makes her happy. And even made it clear that they live together.

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