Sep 21, 2022
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Olga Orlova showed a stunningly young birthday mother


Singer Olga Orlova in honor of the anniversary shared a photo with her amazing mother.

Olga Orlova on the eve dedicated the publication on the Web to her mother, who celebrated her birthday. Galina Egorovna is 75 years old, but looking at her new photo, it is simply impossible to believe in it. Fans are perplexed: how can the mother of the ex-star of “Brilliant” in retirement look younger than her daughter?

The ideal appearance of the ageless birthday girl amazes even Olga herself. In her congratulations, the singer wrote that she looks with admiration at her mother, who can easily be mistaken for her age.

Olga Orlova with her mother
Olga Orlova with her mother

My most beautiful, smart, patient mommy, happy anniversary! Every time I look at my mother, I am amazed at how you can look like that. It’s a shame to praise and be immodest (mother taught differently), but it’s impossible not to admire!– Olga is surprised.

Orlova’s fans are in solidarity with her and writes that genes play a huge role in aging. Apparently, the artist, like her mother, will remain fresh and beautiful until old age. “Fantastic genes, you’re in luck”, “It’s incredible! Exactly 75 years old, not a typo?”, — commentators admire.

Mother of Olga Orlova
Mother of Olga Orlova

Recall that very soon Orlova will celebrate a housewarming party with loved ones. The artist plans to move with her husband to a new luxury house, the construction of which she took up shortly after the wedding. Olga got married again in the fall of 2020, after a year of romance with businessman Valery.

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