Nov 21, 2022
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Olga Orlova is rapidly gaining weight


Singer and presenter Olga Orlova spoke about her problem.

The show business star is used to being the center of attention. Olga tries not to react painfully to offensive remarks, but sometimes she responds harshly to haters. For example, publishes their most unfortunate photos. According to Olga, this causes violent emotions among ill-wishers.

Most often, this provokes new aggression from them. But sometimes people realize how bad a hate can be and they apologize. And I’m always for the world”, Orlova said.

Olga recently celebrated her birthday at a popular restaurant in Moscow. Fans asked the actress what her husband gave her. She married a businessman named Valery last year after a two-year romance. “A very popular question. I haven’t thought of the gift I want yet. So I left it for later.“, – admitted the singer.

The former soloist of the group “Brilliant” is expecting a second child. She does not believe in superstitions about pregnant women and continues to carefully care for herself. So, Olga explained what you need to pay attention to in appearance for women after 30 years. “Hair, skin, nails, smile and fragrance. Basically, it’s the same with men. Well-groomed people can be seen immediately“, – said the artist.

Olga Orlova - photo from the archive -
Olga Orlova – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

The telediva went to the spa and tried fashionable beauty care. “Flating is a procedure during which a person lies in a concentrated saline solution. To conduct a session, you will need a special camera, distilled water and a lot of magnesium salt, ”said Olga.

The artist takes care of her health in anticipation of the baby. She takes all the necessary tests and regularly visits the doctor. According to Orlova, she categorically does not accept indulging in bad habits, for example, a glass of wine during pregnancy. Olga also complained of increased appetite. “My mouth doesn’t close. From tomorrow I will try to limit myself. Already plus ten kilograms“, – said the star.

Orlova admitted that next to the chosen one, who is ten years older than her, she feels like behind a stone wall. She advised women not to be afraid to leave men who treat them badly.

Where to go if the husband insults? But you came to him from somewhere. Where did you live before? Relatives, friends, a rented apartment, a room, a bed – any option is better than living in humiliation“, – said the TV presenter.

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