Sep 15, 2020
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Olga Orlova condemned parents raising children with “excellent student syndrome”

00:12, 09/15/2020

The singer explained what the overstated requirements for adolescents can lead to.

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Olga Orlova is raising a son Artem, who was born in the relationship of the singer with businessman Alexander Karmanov. Olga and Alexander met in 2000 and a year later became parents. In 2004, the couple divorced, and Artem remained to live with his mother. Now the young man is 19 years old, and the other day Olga told that she was proud of her son's successes. Artem graduated from school with a gold medal, and was also able to independently enter the university.

Olga often raises in her microblog in Instagram themes of the relationship between parents and raising children. Today, the singer shared with subscribers her thoughts on the "excellent student's syndrome", which often appears in adolescents who grow up in families where parents overestimate their requirements. Olga condemned moms and dads raising children on this principle, and told what this approach can lead to.

“Excellent student's syndrome. Who knows? Many have had such a situation at least once in their lives. You come home from school with a "four", and they say: "It's bad, why not a five?" And, it would seem, what's wrong with trying to do everything well? Of course, parents want the best. But they forget that children are upset, nervous, stressed and afraid to return home. Sometimes, when parents try to make their child smarter / stronger / prettier out of good intentions, they are doing him a disservice. In pursuit of the best results and the desire to please mom and dad, children lose themselves ... "- wrote the singer (The author's spelling and punctuation are hereinafter given unchanged. Prim. line.).

Olga Orlova condemned parents raising children with "excellent student syndrome"

Olga said that because of this behavior of the parents, the child does not at first take the initiative at school, as he is afraid to make a mistake, and then this can develop into problems with a more serious choice. According to the singer, in adult life, people with the "excellent student's syndrome" often refuse a high position, because they are afraid not to correspond. “I would like parents to remember that accepting grade“ 4 ”at some point can be a big step in the fate of a child, which will relieve him of the fear of making mistakes or accepting something new and going into the unknown,” she concluded her reflections Olga.

Note that Orlova has not yet said if she plans to become a mother again. For a long time, nothing was known about her personal life. At the end of 2019, the TV presenter was noticed in the company of a man, whose identity remains secret. Olga lifted the veil of secrecy this summer. In communication with her subscribers, she said that her lover's name is Valery, he is in business and is ten years older than her. It is also known that lovers before the coronavirus pandemic more than once flew abroad together, where Valery organized a surprise for Olga - a pool with rose petals.

Olga Orlova and her son Artem

Note that Orlova, at 42, is in excellent physical shape. Olga is actively involved in sports and eats right to maintain her figure. In August, the artist said that she had been a vegetarian for several years. At the same time, some Internet users speak unflatteringly about the appearance of the TV presenter. Some of them believe that at this age a woman should not be shown a photo in a swimsuit. The singer advised the commentators to become wiser and better, otherwise, with age, they will lose not only their appearance, but also their soul.

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