Dec 29, 2020
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Olga Kuzmina admitted that she broke a rib while participating in the “Ice Age”

01:15, 12/29/2020

The actress learned about the injury after the completion of the project.

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The final release of the Ice Age show took place on December 26th. Couples of stars and professional athletes traditionally fought for the victory in the project. For almost three months, the participants skated on the ice, showing dramatic, lyrical and funny numbers. In the final of the show, the star jury included not only Tatyana Tarasova, Tatyana Navka and Elena Isinbaeva, but also the Honored Coach of Russia Alexey Mishin together with Mikhail Galustyan. By the decision of the judges, the victory in the “Ice Age” was won by the duet of Olga Kuzmina and Alexandra Enbert… They performed to the song “Boogie-Woogie” by the “Zoo” group.

Today Olga Kuzmina and Alexander Enbert became guests of the “Evening Urgant” show. During the conversation c the host of the program, Ivan Urgant, Olga said that she was seriously injured during training in the Ice Age project. True, she found out about this only after the end of the competition. Diagnostics revealed a fractured rib in the actress.

“The girls’ ribs were especially painful. But since it was constant for everyone, at some point I stopped paying attention to it. Well it hurts and hurts, where to go? You still need to do and overcome it. But then, when we finished, time appeared, I just out of curiosity decided to check what was hurting me there. I did an x-ray. I wouldn’t do better. Well, the value of all our elements has increased. A rib was broken, ”Kuzmina said.

Shot from the show “Evening Urgant”

The artist also noted that for her and her partner Alexander Enbert, the jury’s final marks were unexpected. Olga admitted that the other participants in the show skated no worse than their duet. “When we looked at other couples, it seemed to us that they are definitely better than us, more interesting, to grow and grow before them. We spent the maximum number of hours on the ice, practicing every step, every support, turning the head, hand, and so on. It was necessary to show everything perfectly, ”Olga said.

Note that the rest of the Ice Age participants have repeatedly complained of injuries. Olga Buzova showed subscribers of her microblog in Instagram bruises from falls. In addition, during one training session, the singer had an attack due to a crack in the chest. Vlad Topalov also received a sprain, after which he actively recovered. Tatyana Totmianina had to leave the project altogether. During the execution of a difficult element, the skater was injured, which did not allow her to continue participating in the competition.

Olga Buzova and Dmitry Soloviev

Recall that there were some intriguing moments in the project. For example, Olga Buzova and her partner figure skater Dmitry Solovyov were suspected of having a novel. Athlete nHe denied that there really was “chemistry on ice” between him and Olga. At the same time, he noted that without this energy it is impossible to create harmonious paired numbers. Vlad Topalov and figure skater Elena Ilinykh even kissed during the performance, which also provoked rumors about an office romance. In one of the episodes of the TV project, Topalov’s wife Regina Todorenko and her show partner Roman Kostomarov also showed a kiss.

Regina Todorenko and Roman Kostomarov

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