Oct 25, 2021
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Olga Kormukhina spoke about the quarrel with Alla Pugacheva


Olga Kormukhina was once friends with the singer Alla Pugacheva.

Kormukhina became popular in the mid-80s. Then she worked with Oleg Lundstrem’s orchestra. In those years, the young singer met Pugacheva. Olga assured that the performer of songs in the film “Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!” Appreciated her very much.

My first public appearance in Moscow took place at the Palace of Youth, – explained Kormukhina. – I just recorded the first two songs then. Pugacheva took the stage and said: “I came here to hear the most brilliant singer in our country – Olga Kormukhina.” But then I didn’t climb to get to know her“.

For the first time, she and producer Hovhannes Melik-Pashayev came to Pugacheva’s home to discuss participation in the “Christmas Meetings”. “At the house, I saw her crazy fans, with burning eyes, – said Olga. – They rushed at her. Pugacheva shouted to us: “Faster!” We flew into her entrance, she slammed the door. After that, we went up in the elevator and went to her apartment. I remember well the smell of her hair. She was only from a hairdresser, with a shock on her head. She had fresh chemistry. She was from this race in a slight disarray, and I was in a slight fucking“.

Kormukhina noted that she directly answered her questions what she thought. And this sharply differed from the people from Pugacheva’s entourage. “Alla was bewildered by this, – the Honored Artist of Russia admitted. – I think she missed such a person next to her. Because she was so honeyed – she once told me that she was sick of it. I treated her with sympathy and compassion. Because she understood how hard it was for her with all these people. Once I confessed to her that I had a fight with a loved one. And she replied: “Well, that’s fine. But creativity will go uphill. It is necessary to shake off from the wings that which prevents to take off. ” We had an attraction with her“.

A famous friend brought Olga various gifts from foreign trips. Returning from London, Alla gave her a beautiful porcelain basket with flowers. However, not all of the Diva’s gifts were successful. “Once she brought me a hat from America, similar to the helmet of Ilya Muromets, with a large feather. I still couldn’t figure out what to do with her.“, – complained the performer of the hit” Falling into the sky. “

She worked for several years at the Pugacheva Song Theater. They allocated 50 percent of their earnings to help young artists. “But, unfortunately, the road to hell is paved with good intentions, – emphasized Kormukhina in the studio of the show “Secret for a Million”. – And the fault is on those people who surrounded her. The retinue wants to eat more than create. At the last meeting of her theater, Alla was very nervous. She broke up on her nerves with Kim Breitburg, with the Dialogue group. It was a cold shower for me. Then Alla reproached me: “And you, too, never consult with me!” I was taken aback – because I alone worked in this style, and did not consider it necessary to consult with anyone. Alla then chose me and Presnyakov to the artistic council of the theater. But I refused to participate in this and went on an independent voyage. Alla, of course, was offended by me. She hadn’t expected this. But I didn’t regret leaving her“.

Olga’s stage and personal life was successful. She is supported by her husband, guitarist Alexei Belov. They have been married for 22 years. The couple raised their daughter Anatoly, she is 21 years old.

Two years ago, Kormukhina filed a lawsuit against Polina Gagarina because of Viktor Tsoi’s song “Kukushka”. After the scandal, Olga laughed at the illness of the finalist of Eurovision-2015. However, she did not manage to win a court against the mentor of the show “Voice”.

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