Aug 27, 2022
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Olga Kabo showed an adult daughter – a birthday girl and a beauty


Actress Olga Kabo touchingly congratulated her daughter from her first marriage, Tatyana Vasilishina.

Olga Kabo was married twice. From her first husband, businessman Eduard Vasilishin, the actress gave birth to a daughter, Tatyana. The couple divorced after seven years of marriage. The day before, Olga showed her grown-up daughter in touching pictures. Feminine and incredibly beautiful: according to fans, the girl looks like her father.

The artist turned to the heiress with love and tenderness, congratulating her on her birthday.

Olga Kabo with her daughter Tatyana
Olga Kabo with her daughter Tatyana

Today is such a beautiful sunny day! And today, 24 years ago, my daughter Tatyana was born! Tanechka, you are a very beautiful and inspirational person, wisdom and strength, talent and patience, tenderness and stability, dignity and trepidation are harmoniously combined in you … I am proud of you! I love you! Congratulations from the bottom of my heart! And I’m happy that I have you. Just go ahead! Be yourself!“- wrote Olga.

Tatiana Vasilishina
Tatiana Vasilishina

It is worth noting that now Cabo is going through hard times. Two years ago, she divorced her second husband, businessman Nikolai Razgulyaev, from whom she gave birth to a son, Victor.

The other day it became known that the actress won alimony court against her ex-husband. However, in the end, she didn’t get what she expected. Now Kabo will receive alimony for his son in the amount of the living wage established in Moscow, namely about 18 thousand rubles, although Olga wanted the monthly amount to be twice as much.

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