Jun 3, 2022
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Olga Kabo almost died in a plane crash


Actress Olga Kabo miraculously survived the flight.

Always calm and non-conflict Olga Kabo even decided on an indignant post. The actress is in a state of shock after flying with a well-known budget airline, which she proposed to rename “Trouble”.

The trouble is that the airline does not respect its passengers. During check-in, in addition to a huge queue, there is a terrible mess, boarding passes are not issued according to the seats purchased and paid in advance (here you pay for every stroke: for luggage, for hand luggage, for comfortable seats). Nobody is responsible for anything“, – the actress was indignant.

She was literally deceived, and now Olga intends to file a complaint:

Olga Kabo
Olga Kabo

“I bought a ticket for 1A to sit comfortably, stretch my legs, because from the plane to the performance, and from the performance back to the plane, but the representatives of the airline, without warning about the failure in the system, knowing about it for 2 days, stupidly gave me a place in at the end of the cabin … I’m sure that all the planes of this troubled company are pasted over with similar complaints and complaints.

And during the landing, an emergency almost happened. “The final chord was a terrible landing – the pilot just threw the plane onto the runway … Lord, if everyone were such “professionals”, the world would have collapsed long ago!»

It’s monstrous, I also encountered them”, “It’s a miracle that all the passengers are alive after such a landing”, “I heard about them. Under me, a woman had to pay for her daughter’s doll and buy a full ticket. Although the doll was small, ordinary”, “I subscribe to every word. I saw a tearful mother who was separated from her child”, subscribers of her blog joined the indignation of the actress.

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