Jan 31, 2021
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Olga Buzova’s younger sister gave the singer diamond earrings and a song of her own composition for her birthday

02:36, 31.01.2021

The singer celebrated her 35th birthday on January 25.

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The 25th of January Olga Buzova celebrated the anniversary on a grand scale. In honor of her 35th birthday, the artist threw a luxurious party, which, in addition to relatives and close friends of the star, was also attended by many representatives of show business. Olga provided the guests with plenty of alcohol and expensive food – yesterday during the show “Evening Urgant” the singer admitted that she ordered 35 kilograms of caviar for the holiday.

Note that for the sake of the celebration of Buzova’s anniversary for the first time after a stroke last fall, younger sister of the artist Anna… Today it became known what gift a close relative of the star presented to Olga’s 35th birthday. Anna told about the surprise for her sister on social networks. “The girls and I presented diamond earrings and songs of our own composition,” the younger Buzova shared in her microblog on Instagram (the author’s spelling and punctuation are unchanged. Prim. line.).

Olga and Anna Buzov with friends

It is worth noting that despite expensive gifts and a gorgeous anniversary party, the new year for Olga Buzova began unsuccessfully. On her birthday, January 22, singer broke up with David Manukyan… The couple broke up on a bad note – artist accused blogger in assault and treason, as well as asked fans to block the former lover on social networks. With all this, Olga said that she still loves David.

After declaring a break with Manukyan, Buzova immediately announced that she did not intend to share the details of the conflict. The artist urged her audience not to raise this issue, and also asked journalists from the holiday on the occasion of their birthday do not ask about David. On Friday the program “Evening Urgant” Ivan nevertheless, he turned to Olga with a request to tell about the end of the relationship with the blogger, but Buzova once again refused. The presenter said that at the moment she was not ready to talk frankly on this topic.

David Manukyan and Olga Buzova

It is interesting that the gap between Olga and David came as a surprise to everyone, because even at the beginning of the month, the star couple spent time together in the Maldives. During the holidays, the lovers shared on their social networks footage demonstrating complete idyll. Moreover, Buzova married Manukyan on the islands… True, the marriage was purely symbolic – despite the ring and the 50 thousand rubles spent on the ceremony in Russia, this union has no legal force.

As for David Manukyan, the blogger also refuses to comment on the end of relations with Buzova. To the question Andrey Malakhov on air “Dancing with the Stars” ex-lover of the artist shortly answeredthat an affair with Olga is a passed stage. Manukyan has not yet reacted to the accusations from the former darling, but earlier the assistant to the star said that Buzova’s words did not concern her ward. According to a close friend of Dava, the accusations are a matter of the singer’s PR service.

Olga Buzova on her birthday

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