Jan 26, 2021
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Olga Buzova’s sister first appeared after a stroke, attending a party in honor of the singer’s birthday

20:15, 01/25/2021

Anna Buzova underwent a rehabilitation course after an attack that happened in November last year.

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Today Olga Buzova celebrates her 35th birthday on a grand scale. Stars of show business are invited to the chic event. FROMAmong the guests you can see ex-participants of “House-2” Natalia Varvina with her husband, Alena Vodonaeva, Daria and Sergey Pynzarei, comedian Mikhail Galustyan, TV presenter Ksenia Borodina, as well as the Safronov brothers. The younger sister of Buzovoy Anna also attended the party. A relative of the singer first came out after a stroke, which she suffered in the fall of last year.

Buzova Jr. said that after the attack, which happened on November 29, she began to have problems with speech. She underwent a course of recovery and rehabilitation, and quite successfully, and can already speak fluent tongue twisters. Olga Buzova supported her sister at a difficult moment for her. The singer confessed her love to her relative and asked her forgiveness for not being able to save her from illness.

Olga Buzova’s sister first appeared after a stroke, attending a party in honor of the singer’s birthday

Note that Anna Buzova was one of the first to congratulate her famous sister on her birthday. A relative of the singer published archival family photos and videos on her account, and also wished her sister happiness and health. Anna often addresses words of gratitude and love to Olga. She provided support for Buzova Sr. even during periods of quarrels. It is known that the sisters had a serious quarrel at the beginning of 2019 on vacation in Courchevel, where the elder Buzova celebrated her birthday.

It was rumored that Olga refused to pay for a business class ticket to a relative, so they returned from vacation separately. Then ANna told reporters that she always buys tickets to the class she can afford. After that, she unsubscribed from her star sister on Instagram. True, the sisters continued to congratulate each other on the holidays. So, on Anna’s birthday, six months after the quarrel, Olga published their childhood photo, at the end of the same year it became known that the sisters still made up.

Anna and Olga Buzov

Let’s remind that this birthday of Olga was also not without conflict. The famous singer was not satisfied with the behavior of her beloved David Manukyan, who was late for the celebration of her name day on January 20. That evening, Buzova gathered the closest people in the restaurant and was upset that David appeared only for the salute in honor of Olga. A video appeared on the Internet, which captured a quarrel of a star couple. A few days later, Olga announced the separation from her boyfriend. Moreover, she accused him of assault and published a correspondence in which David rather rudely addressed Buzova.

David Manukyan and Olga Buzova

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