Jan 3, 2022
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Olga Buzova’s chest fell out of a New Year’s dress


Singer and presenter Olga Buzova shared spicy shots.

Olga Buzova celebrated this New Year in the company of actress Natalia Rudova. For her fans, this was a complete surprise, but the singing TV presenter promised to tell how it happened.

The two stars were not bored. And everything went according to plan – a feast, toasts, a disco. Under the chimes, the beauties did not forget to make a wish by writing it on paper, and they burned it to ashes after drinking ash and sparkling wine. In the video shared by the singer, she captured a fragment of the celebration.

Briefly about how I met the New Year. Please tell me, are we not alone (like fools) still making a wish and choking on burnt paper?“, – the singer signed the video.

Natalia Rudova and Olga Buzova
Natalia Rudova and Olga Buzova

Not without a piquant embarrassment. While Buzova was making a wish, from her dress from the neckline to the waist every now and then fell out one, let’s say, “tangerine” without a bra. A little more – and the frame could be prohibited from viewing for the faint of heart.

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